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Predatory Lending

Predatory lending occurs when a bank, mortgage company, finance company, credit company, or other money lender uses tactics that unlawfully take advantage of the borrower. Predatory lending occurs in the form of overcharging loan fees, overcharging interest rates, not fully informing the borrower of his or her rights, falsifying credit reports, overcharging for insurance on the loan, or forcing you to purchase a type of insurance you do not need. Sometimes lenders may encourage you to refinance a loan when it is not in your best financial interest to do so. There are many other tactics that take advantage of unsuspecting borrowers.

Predatory lending can occur on a house loan, car loan, personal loan, or just about any type of loan across the country. Often, borrowers may not know for years that they have been taken advantage of. If you suspect that there has been some irregularity in any type of loan you have taken out, contact predatory lending attorneys of Coxwell & Associates in Jackson, Mississippi and speak to one of our attorneys today.

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