Brandon, Mississippi

Brandon, Mississippi

Brandon is the County Seat of Rankin County. It has been said that Brandon has furnished the state with more governors, senators, congressmen, judges, district attorneys, physicians, and teachers than any other town of its size in the state.

In January of 1829, Brandon, named after the first native born governor- Gerard C. Brandon, was given the county seat. The big trees and cane were cleared from what we call the square and the courthouse was erected in the center. During the Civil War, Brandon felt the full wrath of General Sherman's Army as it marched through Jackson to Vicksburg. Most of the town was burned by the Yankee soldiers and most private homes were looted or burned. At the center of the town square stands a monument of a Confederate soldier placed there by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The site of the monument is historic because on that exact spot, General Sherman had his soldiers stack arms while he occupied the town.

Brandon houses the Rankin County Circuit and County Courts both of which are frequented by Coxwell & Associates attorneys over the years. We have had the privilege of representing dozens of clients in these court houses. With over 75 years combined legal experience in diverse areas, the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates are capable of assisting clients in a variety of legal matters. From serious personal injury cases to criminal cases, Coxwell & Associates provides unmatched legal service.

The simplest way to reach Coxwell & Associates from Brando is to take Interstate 20 West. Continue into Jackson and take the Interstate 55 North Junction. Exit onto High Street and go to the right through your Fifth Traffic light. Turn left on North State Street and you will go a few hundred feet and the historic Clifton-Burwell House will be on the left. A black and white sign out front announces Coxwell & Associates. When you reach the Office turn left onto College Street. You may park behind the building in a nice, paved parking lot. Entrance to the office of Coxwell & Associates is through the door facing the parking lot.

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