Car Accidents Related to Cell Phones

Car accidents related to cell phones are happening in record numbers all over the country. From drivers who are texting and checking email to absent minded cell phone chats, cell phones are dangerous behind the wheel. Distracted driving has essentially become and dangerous and deadly epidemic in Mississippi and across the Nation. Before cell phones, drivers could still engage in distracted behaviors like eating and grooming behind the wheel, but smart phones and other electronic devices have raised the stakes.

Distracted Drivers in Jackson

Distracted drivers in Jackson are paying more attention to their phone conversations and text messages than to the road. Studies have shown that it takes about five seconds to read a text message. This means that if you’re traveling at about 55 miles per hour, you could cover the length of a football field without even looking up. You’re essentially driving with your eyes closed or blindfolded. You certainly wouldn’t close your eyes and drive for five seconds, so why is it okay to look away from the road for that long? Research has also shown that reaction times of distracted drives can be slower than alcohol impaired drivers in certain circumstances.

Texting While Driving

Texting while driving has got to be one of the most dangerous acts to engage in behind the wheel. Not only is texting a manual distraction, it’s also a cognitive and visual distraction. This is the ultimate form of distracted driving. You couldn’t be more distracted if you tried. When drivers choose to read or answer texts behind the wheel, they endanger lives. They’re inability to wait until they reach their destination puts everybody on the road at risk for injury causing and potentially fatal crashes.

Talking on The Phone

Even though recent safety campaigns and public service announcements have been primarily focused on the dangers of texting while driving, we can’t forget that traditional cell phone conversations are also dangerous behind the wheel and can very easily contribute to wrecks in and around the Jackson area. Your phone call can wait. When you’re on the phone, you’ve only got one hand on the wheel and you’re mind isn’t on the task of driving.

Hands-Free Versus Handheld Devices

While many people feel that hands-free devices are safer than handheld devices, the research simply doesn’t support that theory. As it turns out, it’s not the manual distraction that makes cell phones so lethal in the car, it’s the cognitive distraction. The distraction of your mind makes texting, talking on the phone and manipulating electronic devices so dangerous behind the wheel. When it comes down to safe driving, hands-free isn’t substantially safer than hand held device manipulation.

Cognitive Distractions Behind The Wheel

Driving a car needs to take all of your cognitive attention. Your thought processes need to be on navigating the roadway safely. It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with the route or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going down the block. In an emergency situation, you need to have your attention on the road. Sometimes, all you get is a split second to make a decision and react.

Distraction-Free Driving in Jackson

Drivers in Jackson need to make a commitment to distraction free driving. Until everybody turns their ringers off, puts their cell phones down and commits to distraction-free driving, motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders are going to be at risk for injury causing and fatal crashes.

The Aftermath of a Car Accident Involving a Cell Phone

Ultimately, the aftermath of a car accident involving a cell phone is pretty similar to any other kind of crash. You could be in the hospital and out of work for days, weeks or longer. With medical bills piling up and no way to pay them, your top priority needs to be finding an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney. You need to focus on the recovery and getting your life back on track. Let your attorney handle the legal details.

After a Car Accident Related to Cell Phones

When drivers choose to talk on the phone or text behind the wheel, they’re putting their own lives and the lives of others at great risk. If you suspect a cell phone was a factor in your car accident, raise this concern with your attorney. Sometimes, it can take additional investigative efforts to determine if cell phones or some other type of distracted driving was involved in a particular crash.

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