Crime Aboard an Aircraft

Never has crime aboard an aircraft been taken more seriously. We live in an increasingly dangerous time to participate in air travel. With the looming threat of terrorism, it’s easy to see how uptight air travel security and safety has become. It’s important to note that not all crimes aboard airplanes are associated with terrorism. In many cases, they’re simply crimes that just happen to occur aboard planes. If you have been charged with any kind of crime aboard a plane, you need to get with your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, because these charges are very serious. A variety of federal agencies are likely involved in the case, and they could be looking to nail you to the wall, no matter how large or small the infraction was.

Possessing a Firearm or Explosive

Obviously, one of the more serious crimes aboard an aircraft is possession of a firearm, explosive device or any other type of dangerous weapon. Often, these cases involve simple mistakes on the part of the travelers. Nobody wants to willingly get busted with a gun or other kind of weapon on a plane, but what if you packed something in your bag by mistake? What if you had ammunition from a recent hunting trip, and you simply forgot to unpack it. If you’ve been charged with possession of any type of firearm, explosive device or weapon aboard a plane, you need to contact your criminal defense attorney immediately to get the ball rolling on your defense.

Aircraft Piracy

Aircraft piracy, also known as hijacking, is also a huge and very serious charge. This type of charge happens when a person effectively hijacks a plane or attempts to hijack a plane. This is a very dangerous federal crime and holds very severe penalties, if convicted. Whether you’re being investigated or you’ve already been charged, the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better.

Interfering With a Flight Attendant or Crewmember

The charge of interfering with a flight attendant or crewmember is a charge we see a lot. We’re used to dealing with customer service people in a certain way. Some of us may get a little verbally intense or excited, but on a plane the rules are a lot stricter. A simple miscommunication or misunderstanding between a passenger and crewmember can quickly escalate. We hear about cases all of the time, especially when people have been drinking. Perhaps, a passenger is a little belligerent or loud. Flight attendants and crewmembers have very little room for error or mistakes from their passengers, so even the smallest infraction can quickly escalate into a federal charge of interfering with a flight attendant or crewmember.

Interfering with Security Screening Personnel

Interfering with security screening personnel typically happens before a flight. This is the part where you take your shoes off and put all of your liquids in one tiny bag to be screened Interfering with this process in any way can land you in serious hot water. Whether you have criminal intentions or not, interfering with security screening personnel is a risky move. They also have very little tolerance for misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Threatening to Commit a Crime

Threatening to commit any type of crime aboard a plane can also spell trouble for otherwise law-abiding passengers. This means you probably shouldn’t joke about any types of crime too. Remember, planes are serious places, and crewmembers do not have much tolerance even for jokes about crimes. A joke or sarcastic comment could, in some circumstances, be construed as a threat to commit a crime. When it doubt, keep it to yourself, and if you’ve been charged with threatening to commit a crime aboard an aircraft, contact your lawyer as soon as you reach the ground.

What About Terrorism?

Terrorism is obviously one of the more dangerous and serious types of crime our society faces today. Not everybody who commits a crime aboard and aircraft is a terrorist though, so it’s essential to have an experienced lawyer on your side if you’re facing any type of charges associated committing a crime aboard an aircraft.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Fewer types of crimes are taken more seriously during this increasingly dangerous international climate than those of crimes committed aboard airplanes. If convicted, you could be facing decades or longer behind bars in a federal facility. If you or somebody you love has been charged with some type of crime aboard an aircraft, contact the skilled and proven team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (877) 231-1600 for an immediate case c

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