Endorsements by Other Lawyers

Dear Merrida & Chuck:

Been following, generally. Thank God. It's easy to wonder what is going on in this world right now with the new trend of folks always trying to lock people up over things that aren't crimes.

I already knew, but this reinforces my belief of where to send folks who need the best possible criminal defense available.

It appeared you guys did a helluva job at trial too. Just excellent all the way around.

Happy for all involved, and hope all is well for you these days.
John, attorney.

We received the information you sent letting us know our clients’ cases are resolved. We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased with how quickly the cases were handled and we are grateful to you and your other counsel for taking such good care of our clients. I hope we are able to work with you and send you more cases in the future. Please keep us posted on other cases that you are handling.

Thanks, J.

Dear Frank;

I wanted to thank you the other day for taking my call and answering the questions I had on behalf of a client. Your advice was helpful and right on point.



Dear Merrida:

Thank you for all of the last minute advice you have been kind enough to give me. It's nice having expert & experienced trial attorney help just a phone call away! Seriously, your advice has been invaluable & it means a lot to me.


Merrida is a highly experienced attorney who provides exceptional representation to his clients. Merrida is extremely well respected by the legal community and you can count on him to provide objective and concise advise." July 20, 2010

Jack Denton, Managing Partner, Denton Law Firm, PLLC
was with another company when working with Merrida at Coxwell & Associates. PLLC

"Buddy Coxwell is an excellent lawyer, who will take on the most difficult criminal [and other] representstions and give his all - which is very good, indeed - for his client. When he was not giving for his clients during the past few years, he was organizing the lawyers in our community to give generously so Gulf Coast children who survived Hurricane Katrina but lost material possessions could have something under their Christmas trees. I am pleased to reommend Merrida Coxwell." September 8, 2009

Scott Welch, Shareholder, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz P.C.
was with another company when working with Merrida at Coxwell & Associates. PLLC

"Merrida is a highly competant and diligent lawyer who zealously represents his clients. One of the few lawyers I would choose to represent me if I needed representation in a serious matter." April 9, 2009

Fenton DeWeese, attorney, MBCI Attorney General's Office
worked with Merrida at Coxwell & Associates. PLLC

"Working with Merrida was a great pleasure. He is very personable, detail oriented, and very passionate about the cases he handles. I would highly recommend him to anyone." August 11, 2008

Kelley West, Account Manager, Page1Solutions
was a consultant or contractor to Merrida at Coxwell & Associates. PLLC