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Merrida Coxwell quoted in New York Times

The Ugly Story of a Tea-Party Suicide That Left the Right Reeling — and Pointing Fingers
The aftershocks of Mark Mayfield’s death in Mississippi.

8 th Annual Christmas Party and Gift Drive

I want to report to you all the 8 th Annual Coxwell & Associates Christmas Party and Toy Drive was a huge success. We had about 125 people come by our office at 500 North State Street, Jackson, MS, to visit with us and drop off a toy or financial donation. My staff will use the financial donations and go shopping for the 40 kids we are helping and to buy “stocking stuffers.”

This year our party was catered by The Manship, a restaurant in Belhaven across the street from the Baptist Hospital. I know the food must have been good because not a crumb was left for the house mouse. We had an interesting group of people. Our party was attended by a mixture of Mississippians from all walks of life. Our Special Guest was Dr. Lin, a research scientists from University Mississippi Medical Center (UMC). Dr. Lin told us about a new research project they are beginning to establish at UMC. The project will explore the genetic and environmental links that may be causing the high rates of autism in children. Coxwell & Associates is fortunate to have been asked to help UMC with this project.

I want to extend a personal “thank you” to everyone who came by and helped with the toy drive. We could not be successful and meet our goal with you. And, I want to thank the staff at Coxwell & Associates. They work so hard to make the party and toy drive a success. Until next year, Merry Christmas

MPB Radio Money Talks: Bankruptcy 101 featuring attorney Frank Coxwell

Bankruptcy and mortgage litigation attorney Frank Coxwell was a guest on the MPB Money Talks Radio program Feb 11, 2014. He is a frequent guest (and listener) of this financial program.  The topic was "Bankruptcy 101" and answered questions such as what is bankruptcy? when should one file? what is chapter 7 and chapter 13? They took many calls and emails from listeners on this program who had excellent questions relative to filing bankruptcy in Mississippi. Click here to listen to the program.

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American Association of Justice Midwinter Convention 2014

Jackson attorney Merrida Coxwell attended the AAJ Midwinter Convention Feb 8-12, 2014 in New Orleans, LA.  The focus of this AAJ (American Association for Justice ) convention was to discuss the latest developments in trial advocacy. Attorney Merrida Coxwell takes frequent advantage of and actively participates in such events to continue to learn new skills and techniques that will help all the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates better protect, support, and represent their clients who have sustained serious and permanent injuries due to someone or some corporation that did not follow the rules of safety.

Justice Winter Convention

20th Annual Mid-South Conference on Bankruptcy Law 2014

Attorney Frank Coxwell was one of the featured speakers at the 20th Annual Mid-South Conference on Bankruptcy Law in Memphis, TN on Feb 7, 2014. His presentation was centered around the tools and techniques lawyers need to know in order to sue mortgage companies in the chapter 13 bankruptcy cases they file for their clients. Bankruptcy lawyers are in a unique position to go after these mortgage companies and get their clients a modification and mortgage they can afford.

The conference was sponsored by the University of Mississippi's Division of Outreach and Continuing Education , approved by the Mississippi and Tennessee Commissions on Continuing Legal Education.

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Coxwell & Associates Supports Locks of Love

If you’re not familiar with Locks of Love , it is an organization worth getting to know. Their mission is to “return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children.” Regardless of the medical diagnosis, they are there to help. Most of the children they help are suffering from an autoimmune disorder called alopecia (there is no known cure), but they also help children that have lost their hair due to other disorders, are victims of severe burns, or are receiving radiation treatments for cancer. One of our staff members, Joanie Coxwell (wife of attorney Frank Coxwell), recently provided a donation of 11” of hair that she had spent a year and a half growing out for just this reason. If you are interested, please check out how to donate and help a child in need. Joanie’s donation was done through All About You Salon in Richland, MS by barber Elizabeth Cooper.

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Frank Coxwell on MPB Money Talks to Discuss Bankruptcy & Recovery Process

Air Date: 6/18/13

To listen to the program, click here.

“Frank Coxwell explains bankruptcy chapters & how to recover from bankruptcy!”

Bankruptcy attorney Frank Coxwell joined the set as a guest on the MPB Think Radio Program “Money Talks” to discuss bankruptcy, the various chapters available, and how to recover after filing bankruptcy. They covered a lot of important information and took calls from listeners. Be sure to click above and get the information you need regarding this important financial tool. You can listen to Money Talks every Tuesday at 9:00am on MPB Think Radio. Be sure to save this link to their home page . Mr. Coxwell would like to thank the hosts Kevin, Chris, and Nancy!

Money Talks
Byram City Hall Dedication Ceremony

Ceremony held on May 1, 2013.

Attorney Eric Brown, an associate here at Coxwell & Associates who also serves as Public Defender for the city of Byram, was in attendance at the dedication ceremony of the new Byram City Hall. The keynote speaker was Delbert Hoseman, Secretary of State. Pictured here is Eric Brown, Public Defender, with John Scanlon, Byram Municipal Prosecutor.

Eric Brown
Frank Coxwell on MPB Money Talks – Foreclosure Prevention Week

Air Date: 4/2/13

To listen to the program, click here .

“Attorney Frank Coxwell explains how you can prevent and/or stop foreclosure in Mississippi.”

Frank Coxwell, bankruptcy and mortgage litigation attorney, joined Kevin, Chris, and Nancy to discuss foreclosure as a part of Foreclosure Prevention Week. They covered a lot of information concerning the foreclosure process in Mississippi and the legal options available to consumers in Mississippi to stop foreclosure. Be sure to click above and get the information you need if you are facing foreclosure. Money Talks airs every Tuesday at 9:00am on MPB Think Radio. Be sure to save this link to their home page . Mr. Coxwell would like to thank the hosts Kevin, Chris, and Nancy!

Reputable Mississippi Attorney Merrida Coxwell Talks Defense

Merrida Coxwell talks criminal defense in an interview with . Check out the online interview

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2013
Coxwell & Associates support LatinFest 2012
Come and experience Latin American culture Mississippi style.Invitación especial a todos los amigos de Mississippi y estados vecinos.
Latin Fest Latin Fest
Frank Coxwell Teaching 2 Classes in 2012 Fall Community Enrichment Series

Attorney Frank Coxwell will teach 2 classes in the 2012 Fall Millsaps Community Enrichment Series offered to the public. The classes are offered under the "Money & Business" section. Click here to register

News & Events

"Who Owns your Home? Mortgage Securitization in Mississippi" (2 class session)

Oct 4 & Oct 11 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Millsaps Tuition Cost: $40.00 per person.

Frank will present an overview of today's home mortgage loans. He will provide information about the deed of trust, note, mortgage securitization, and various modification programs. There will also be discussion regarding why it is more profitable for mortgage companies to foreclose and what can be done about it.

"The Truth About Bankruptcy" will be 1 class session

Oct 6 from 10:00am - Noon. Millsaps Tuition Cost: $25.00 per person.

One of the most powerful sets of consumer protection laws in this country is bankruptcy. This course will highlight various types of bankruptcy but will emphasize Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, highlighting the advantages of these chapters for the consumer in financial difficulty.

Attorney Frank Coxwell has practiced law for over 33 years in Jackson, MS. He has limited his practice to consumer protection, consumer bankruptcy, and foreclosure defense. He is a frequent seminar speaker for both attorneys and consumers covering bankruptcy & mortgage issues and feels that offering education to the public on the protection available to them in these areas is much needed.

Attorney Frank Coxwell shared with host Lindsey Slater how he will be teaching 2 classes in the 2012 Fall Millsaps Community Enrichment Series next month. The classes fall under the "Money & Business" section.  Click here to register

Frank Coxwell Guest on MPB Money Talks to Discuss Facing Foreclosure

Air Date: 7/10/12

To listen to the program, click here .

“Attorney, Frank Coxwell explains how you should handle foreclosure. Nancy & Chris answer personal finance questions!”

Bankruptcy attorney Frank Coxwell was invited back as a guest to the Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) show - Money Talks – on July 10, 2012 to discuss facing foreclosure. He spent the hour discussing the Mississippi foreclosure process, what mortgage servicers & companies are really up to, and answering calls/emails live from listeners. It was no surprise that the phone was lit up on this topic! So many Mississippians are facing or at the very least have been in some way impacted by foreclosure these days. You can catch the Money Talks show every Tuesday at 9:00am on MPB Think Radio. You will learn a lot about a variety of financial issues facing Mississippians today. Be sure to save this link to their home page as a favorite. Mr. Coxwell would like to thank the hosts Kevin, Chris, and Nancy!

Money Talks
July 3, 2012 Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Jackson, MS

Today in Jackson, MS on the steps of the Hinds County Courthouse there was a public reading of the Declaration of Independence by several state employees and public defenders. Among them was Coxwell & Associates attorney Eric Brown, who also serves as the public defender for the Byram Municipal Court. Attorney Eric Brown stated, “It was nice to see so many practitioners take a moment and reflect on such a historical document. It was both a privilege and an honor to participate.”

Eric Brown
Frank Coxwell Writes Articles for MAJ Voir Dire Magazine Summer 2012 Edition

Our bankruptcy and mortgage litigation attorney, Frank Coxwell, was recently asked to write a couple of articles for the Mississippi Association for Justice (MAJ) Voir Dire Magazine’s Summer 2012 edition. The MAJ regularly publishes this magazine that is devoted to providing timely, instructional, and practical information to its membership. The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates make the most of every opportunity to help educate fellow attorneys on various areas of law, drawing from their more than 30+ years of experience as trial lawyers. Attorney Frank Coxwell took this opportunity to instruct on Chapter 13 bankruptcy and several of the areas where this super financial tool can help attorneys help their clients in ways that many non-bankruptcy attorneys would not be aware of. He also wrote an article addressing the morality of filing bankruptcy and discussed how most don’t realize that the idea of bankruptcy law came from the Old Testament sabbatical & Jubilee years.

Super Tool
Read full article...
Coxwell & Associates win “2012 Pink the Town” contest…again!!

The Susan G. Komen organization raises funding and awareness for the battle against breast cancer, celebrates survivorship and honors those who have lost their fight with this disease through their Race for the Cure® program (the largest series of 5K runs/walks in the world). Every April, they host a 5K Race for the Cure® in Jackson, MS. In 2011, Jackson started a “Pink the Town” contest to correspond with this 5K event. This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to definitely participate. We were very honored to win 1st place in the “2011 Pink the Town” contest. We vowed to repeat in 2012 and (drum roll please) – we won again!!! We also gathered a group of 7 (team name “Attorneys for Ta-Tas”) to participate in the race and had a great time! We hope you enjoy the pictures of our “pinked” office and of the race below. We also want to put the challenge out there to all our fellow Jackson attorneys for 2013 to join in. We are going for a 3-peat next year!!!

Frank Coxwell, Guest on MPB Money Talks
Money Talks

Truth Behind Bankruptcy : Air date 04/03/12

To listen to the full hour interview - click here

“Attorney Frank Coxwell joins the show to tell the truth behind bankruptcy. Does it ruin your credit and life or save it? Which chapter should you file? Who should you consult?”

Frank was a guest on the MPB (Mississippi Public Broadcasting) show called Money Talks on April 3, 2012. They talked about bankruptcy and took calls and emails from listeners. This is a great show for anyone that enjoys financial conversation and education – and this show does a great job of bringing the details down to how things affect us specifically as Mississippians. Save this link to their home page as a favorite - you'll enjoy the topics and conversation!

“Money Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we’ll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving for college or investing in the stock market. Chris Burford, financial education specialist for Consumer Credit Counseling and Nancy Lottridge-Anderson, Assistant Professor of Finance at Mississippi College, President of New Perspectives, Inc. and author of Tough Talk for Tough Times, join Kevin Farrell in the studio to answer your personal finance questions about family budgeting, retirement savings, Social Security, investments, debt management and more. Email the show at anytime at . Money Talks airs Tuesday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio."
Money Talks                          Money Talks
Frank Coxwell Interviewed by Fox 40 AM co-host Lindsey Slater

The Fox 40 AM show had attorney Frank Coxwell on as a guest on March 14, 2012 to discuss mortgage and foreclosure issues specific to Mississippi. Frank is well known for his work in this area. He lectures around the country on mortgage litigation and will be teaching on this subject as a part of the 2012 Millsaps Spring Enrichment program. In this Fox 40 AM interview, he was able to share for a few minutes on how mortgages are different now and how foreclosure occurs in Mississippi. Most importantly, he was able to explain where to get more information for homeowners facing foreclosure so that they know their options and can take action to save their home.

Family Law Update Seminar

Our bankruptcy attorney Frank Coxwell was one of the speakers at the Family Law Update seminar today. He was educating attorneys who handle family law matters on the ways that bankruptcy effects the divorce, custody and child support matters that they routinely handle. His presentation covered the methods these lawyers need to use to protect their clients when a spouse files bankruptcy and the ways bankruptcy can protect the spouse that owes support and marital obligations. The seminar was held at the Old Capital Inn on State Street in Jackson, Mississippi.

divorce seminar
5th Annual Coxwell Christmas Party

On December 01, 2011 Coxwell & Associates, PLLC hosted the 5th Annual Christmas Party & Toy Drive at the law offices of Coxwell & Associates, 500 North State Street, Jackson, MS. The Christmas Party benefits the Mississippi Children's Home Services, a charity in Jackson, Ms, that provides residential care and day school to children in need. These are often children who for one reason or another are not with their families. Coxwell & Associates hosts the Christmas Party each year to raise toys for the kids. Christmas should be a time of peace, joy, and reflection. We believe that each of the children at the Mississippi Children's Home deserves the same joyful Christmas as a child living with his or her parents.

Mississippi College School of Law Top Gun Trial Competition

Coxwell & Associates had the privilege of sponsoring the Mississippi College School of Law Top Gun Trial Competition September 12-15, 2011. Sixteen students who were nominated by their trial practice professors competed for the chance to win a $1,000.00 scholarship.

Eric & Beth

Sarah Beth Ritchey and Laura Katzenmeyer, both third-year law students, made their way to the finals of the Top Gun competition, and Sarah Beth Ritchey was announced as the winner.

Students were able to learn how to prepare themselves as sole advocates for their clients, and they were provided instant feedback from an experienced panel of judges.

Stephen Jones, lead defense counsel for Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing trial in the 1990's, sat on the final judging panel. Mr. Jones had plenty of complimentary things to say about MC Law for its dedication to advocacy education.

Shane Read, who currently teaches trial advocacy at Southern Methodist University, was also a judge during the final round. Mr. Read is a federal prosecutor who has penned the book Winning at Trial . His book has been used by members of Coxwell & Associates in preparing for jury trials.

Coxwell & Associates appreciates the opportunity to assist MC Law in shaping better advocates who become members of the Bar Association.

Sara Beth
Client Reviews
"Merrida was there immediately when I needed him. Great service. Explained the law in layman's terms and gave sound advice. I highly recommend Merrida Coxwell." B. Chism
"The best in the state of Mississippi I highly recommend Mr. Coxwell and his team of lawyers." M. Denton