Pearl Municipal Court

Pearl Municipal Court

Location: 2422 Old Brandon Road, Pearl, MS 39208

Judges: John Shirley & Richard Redfern

Prosecutor: Jim Bobo

Court Clerk: Kathy Dennis

Phone Number: 601-939-7000

Mailing Address: 2422 Old Brandon Road, Pearl, MS 39208

When Court Meets: Pearl Municipal Court schedules hearings on Thursdays at 8:00 a.m.

Pearl, named after the nearby Pearl River, is the 13th largest city in Mississippi, and the largest city in Rankin County. The City of Pearl, once a part of Jackson, incorporated in June of 1973. Pearl Municipal Court has jurisdiction over persons charged with traffic violations and misdemeanor offenses within the city limits of Pearl. The Pearl Municipal Court also hears cases involving city ordinance violations and conducts Initial Appearances for those accused of felonies within the City of Pearl.

The City of Pearl, which lies next to Jackson, Flowood, Richland, and Brandon, encompasses 22 square miles in Central Mississippi. Since the Pearl Police Department has jurisdiction within city limits, those arrested or issued tickets by Pearl Police Officers will be assigned a court date at Pearl Municipal Court. The Rankin County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol also have jurisdiction in Pearl.

If you are unsure of your court date or want to learn more about the Pearl Municipal Court, you may contact the Court Clerk, Kathy Dennis. Dennis can be reached at 601-939-7000. The Clerk may not provide legal advice to defendants, however. Further, the Clerk must also refrain from informing defendants of the consequences of pleading guilty or not guilty to the charges brought against them. Only attorneys licensed by the State of Mississippi may provide answers to these questions. Contact the skilled attorneys at Coxwell & Associates if you have questions concerning charges brought against you in Pearl Municipal Court.

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