The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC, receive criminal and civil referral from throughout Mississippi and in other states. The firm also joint ventures with other law firms to create litigation groups in civil cases or trial teams in criminal cases. This usually happens when the referring lawyer wishes to stay involved in the case or in civil cases when we are battling large corporate clients with unlimited resources. We value our referring lawyers or clients who refer us cases. Referring a case to another law firm like Coxwell & Associates which has greater resources or more experience in a particular area is the best way to insure the client receives the best representation.

If you want to establish a regular referral relationship please feel free to send us and e mail or call. E mails should be addressed to

Client Reviews
"Merrida was there immediately when I needed him. Great service. Explained the law in layman's terms and gave sound advice. I highly recommend Merrida Coxwell." B. Chism
"The best in the state of Mississippi I highly recommend Mr. Coxwell and his team of lawyers." M. Denton