Richland Municipal Court

Richland Municipal Court

Location: 371 Scarbrough Street, Richland, MS 39218

Judge: Richard Redfern

Prosecutor: Whitney Adams

Court Clerk: Belinda Kilpatrick

Phone Number: 601-420-1550

Mailing Address: 371 Scarbrough Street, Richland, MS 39218

When Court Meets: Richland Municipal Court schedules hearings for Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.

The City of Richland, which has a population of 6,913 according to the most recent Census, comprises just over 12 square miles of land in Central Mississippi. If you are within the city limits of Richland, and you are issued a traffic citation or charged with a misdemeanor offense, your court date will be set at the Richland Municipal Court. Richland Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations. Accordingly, Initial Appearances for felony cases are also held at Richland Municipal Court.

Within the city limits, the Richland Police Department exercises jurisdiction. Consequently, persons arrested or issued citations by Richland Police Officers are appointed court dates to appear at Richland Municipal Court. The Rankin County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol also operate in Richland.

Belinda Kilpatrick, the Court Clerk at Richland Municipal Court, may answer questions concerning your upcoming court date or address any general questions or concerns you may have. Kilpatrick may be reached at 601-420-1550. The Clerk, however, may not give defendants legal advice or inform defendants of the consequences of pleading guilty or not guilty to their pending charges, as these questions should be reserved for licensed attorneys. Attorneys licensed in the State of Mississippi may provide answers to these and other potential legal questions. If you have legal questions regarding the charges brought against you, or if you need experienced legal counsel, contact the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates today.

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