Strategic Relationships

Strategic Relationships

Coxwell & Associates, PLLC is a law firm focusing its time and energy in several specific areas of the law. The Firm handles all types of injury cases from injuries due to tractor trailer crashes, nursing home injuries, injuries caused by drunk drivers, dangerous products and drugs, and other cases described in this website. The Firm is also active in helping people who have been defrauded, cheated.

Coxwell & Associates is a leader across the entire state of Mississippi in criminal defense. The Firm has been lead counsel in countless complex criminal cases in addition to handling hundreds of drug cases, property crimes, white collar cases, and misdemeanors for professionals. The Firm is a member of many national and state criminal defense organizations.

In order to act quickly for their clients when necessary Coxwell & Associates, PLLC has developed a group of hand-picked law firms across the State of Mississippi who serve as strategic associates on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a client of Coxwell & Associates has a child attending college away from home and the child gets arrested, Coxwell & Associates can call upon one of their hand-picked law firms to act quickly and protect the rights of the child until one of the lawyers from Coxwell & Associates can speak with the child. If a client has a serious injury while in another part of the state, the client can call Coxwell & Associates and one of the strategic relationship law firms can send an investigator to the scene immediately. This way the client's rights can be protected immediately rather than waiting for someone to drive to the scene that may be hours from the Jackson area.

These relationships have an advantage over other referral agreements from one lawyer to another because the lawyers that Coxwell & Associates admits into their strategic relationships group are well-known, trustworthy, competent, and firms who like Coxwell & Associates, are totally committed to providing the best legal services in Mississippi. Coxwell & Associates and its strategic relationship law firms believe law practice is a life-long career and service to people.

If you have a problem outside of the Jackson Metropolitan area that needs quick or immediate attention call us and let us see if we have a strategic relationship law firm in the area where you have a legal problem. By calling us you will have the benefit of the combined experience of over 77 years held by the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates and the experience of one of the law firms hand-picked and trusted by your law Firm Coxwell & Associates, PLLC.

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