The Case of William Easterwood (Federal Civil Injury)

William was a nice young man who made a mistake in his life. This mistake caused him to have to go to the State Penitentiary to pay a short debt to society. William was transferred to a private prison. Frankly, I have never liked the idea of private prisons run for profit. While housed in the private prison William was violently sexually assaulted.

A public service organization knew of the reputation of Coxwell & Associates, PLLC. They recommended that William call us for assistance. We visited William in prison and determined that he did have a civil claim against the private prison. Chuck Mullins drafter the lawsuit and conducted the initial discovery. I think the company may have “seen the writing on the wall.” They asked us to engage in mediation. Do you know what mediation is? It is the process where both sides get together to talk and an independent person serves as a go-between. We conducted intensive mediation and the case was resolved to the great satisfaction of William.

No amount of money can undo the harm done to William. He will bear the emotional scars of the events for the rest of his life. Money was the only elements capable of “righting” the wrong done to him. It isn’t perfect but it is all the law can give. We hope the confidential settlement serves as a lesson to other private prisons.


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