The Evacuation

On day a city worker opened a water bill and out flowed a white substance. The worked notified her supervisor and the entire city building was evacuated. The F.B.I., Homeland Security, local police, Sheriff’s Department, and State Public Health Agency were notified. The city workers had to remain in quarantine for hours while the building and powder were examined. It was determined that the powder was harmless.

The police department focused on a pleasant young woman who had turned in her water bill not even realizing that the white substance was in the envelope. According to the police the woman had her water turned off twice by the city and they concluded that she must have done this to get even with the city. The police wanted her in jail for at least two (2) years.

This young woman was one of the nicest people who ever walked into Coxwell & Associates. Merrida Coxwell served as lead counsel and he was assisted by Coxwell & Associates partner Chuck Mullins. This was a short trial. It took approximately 2 ½ days. Merrida and Chuck established a defense through cross examination. It was in their opinion unnecessary to call any witnesses. The jury returned a not guilty verdict.

Client Reviews
"Merrida was there immediately when I needed him. Great service. Explained the law in layman's terms and gave sound advice. I highly recommend Merrida Coxwell." B. Chism
"The best in the state of Mississippi I highly recommend Mr. Coxwell and his team of lawyers." M. Denton