The Murder of the Century!

On a cold December night a woman and her husband had an argument. He went back to the Delta where he was staying with scratches on his face from where his wife got mad at him. The next day the couple’s two kids were found at their home alone. The wife was missing. A huge hunt began for her. The entire Jackson Metro area was involved. Of course the husband became a suspect and before he could be asked a question people began making accusations against him. This caused the husband to conduct his own investigation and not cooperate with the police. He also sought the advice of an attorney.

After two (2) weeks the wife was still not located. The police began following the husband every day everywhere he went. The pressure on the husband’s lawyer was too great so he was referred to Merrida Coxwell. After about thirty or so days the wife’s body was found in the Pearl River in Simpson County, MS. The parties had been going through a divorce because the wife was having an affair with their Pastor. The evening after the husband and wife had their big fight as husband was leaving, he noticed a man with his head covered walking down the sidewalk by their house.

A family member. The husband was indicted for murder and the first trial began in Simpson County, Mississippi. Merrida Coxwell was co-counsel on the case and was the attorney who husband looked to for advice. The case was tried for five (5) days before the Judge granted a mistrial. The case went to trial the second time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and after a five (5) day trial the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The five prosecutors called dozens of witnesses. Merrida Coxwell called one witness who testified she had seen the wife after the evening of the big fight. This one witness destroyed the prosecutions’ theory. The husband did not testify.

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