Trouble in Paradise

Mr. Fortenberry was charged with shooting into a lawyer’s home. The lawyer was representing Mr. Fortenberry’s wife in a very ugly and contentious divorce. The prosecution also claimed that Mr. Fortenberry set a bomb off in the restaurant of his wife’s mother and father. The case went to trial in Jackson, MS.

During the trial the prosecutor called witnesses who established that Mr. Fortenberry owned guns similar to the type used to shoot up the house. Police officers testified to the calibers and that shells were found in Mr. Fortenberry’s car that were similar to those used to shoot into the lawyer’s home. The government called a surprise witness who was the girlfriend of Mr. Fortenberry. She testified that she was with Mr. Fortenberry went he shot into the lawyers’ home. The defense in this case was “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Mr. Fortenberry had broken up with his girlfriend and left her in bad way. Mr. Fortenberry took the witness stand but after twenty (20) minutes he crossed his arms and refused to answer questions by the prosecutor. The jury found Mr. Fortenberry not guilty.

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