Whole Family Involved in the Drug Business? (United States v. Eddie Washington, et al.)

In another Federal Indictment the United States Attorney charged Mr. Washington and other family members with running a large crack distribution ring in Jackson, MS. The government alleged through the word of convicted liars and criminals that the Eddie Washington directed his family and others in this criminal conspiracy for over a ten (10) year period.

The trial in this case lasted about nine (9) days. The governments put on the testimony of drug agents who testified about the drug trade in Jackson, MS. There was testimony from agents about dozens upon dozens of money wire transfers to Eddie Washington from what the DEA described as “drug source cities.” The agents claimed that Mr. Washington had no steady source of income or business and that the jury should believe the three (3) witnesses the government called who said they brought drugs to Mr. Washington.

The defense in the case was directed by Merrida Coxwell of Coxwell & Associates, PLLC. The story of Mr. Washington and his other family members was established during the cross examination of the governments’ witnesses. No witnesses testified for the defense. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts for everyone.

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