Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad FaithInsurance bad faith is an illegal situation that negatively impacts insurance policyholders. Insurance bad faith can occur at any time of the claim review process and involves insurance companies denying benefits to policyholders. In some instances of insurance bad faith, the company may refuse to investigate your claim, delay responding to your claim, or refuse payment on a legitimate claim.

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Bad faith is a claim that is often discussed among the public especially in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Although people often relate these issues to Katrina, claims can arise from any type of non-payment by your insurance company that you should rightfully receive. These types of claims arise between an insured (you) and the insurer (your insurance company). Bad faith is a claim that a person has against their insurance company when the company has denied a claim when it has no arguable (fair) reason for doing so. Damages for people denied payment can be significant when it is discovered that the insurance company has committed a willful or malicious wrong or acted with gross and reckless disregard of your rights.

Bad faith claims are based upon an insurance company denying a claim that a policyholder makes. The claim potentially originates when the denial occurs. If you believe that your insurance company has denied payment of a claim without a reasonable basis then you may have a bad faith claim against your company. Contact our car accident attorneys today for a complimentary insurance bad faith consultation.

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