Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice in Jackson, MS

While most of us don’t think of a trip to the dentist as very pleasant, we usually understand the importance of good dental hygiene and regular cleanings and checkups. Unfortunately, like with any other type of medical industry, there is the potential for negligence or malpractice in the dental office. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is a normal amount of pain after a dental procedure. If you are having complications, or you think you may be the victim of dental malpractice, it’s important to seek a second opinion and bring up your concerns with a personal injury attorney who has proven medical malpractice case experience. Listed below are some common types of dental malpractice.

Common Types of Dental Malpractice

  • Not using the appropriate amount or type of anesthetic
  • Failure to diagnose dental conditions
  • Nerve damage
  • Unnecessary procedures
  • Improper sterilization techniques
  • Anesthesia complications due to negligence
  • Needless extraction
  • Infections caused by negligence
  • Severe and prolonged pain
  • Injuries to the jaw
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper wisdom tooth extraction
  • Improper prescriptions
  • Disfigurement from negligent procedures
  • Contamination of instruments
  • Defective bridges or crowns

Failure to Diagnose Critical Dental Conditions

As with any medical specialty, dentists owe their patients a reasonable duty of care. This means that they should diagnose potentially dangerous conditions that are presented to them. Issues like gum disease and oral cancer present with clear signs. Early intervention is critical in cases involving potentially deadly diseases and conditions. If you think something is not right, but your dentist has given you a clean bill of health, get a second opinion. It could save your life.

Nerve Damage After a Dental Procedure

Whenever procedures involving extractions or other invasive techniques in the mouth, there is the potential for nerve damage. The facial region is very nerve rich, so any procedures that involve cutting or extraction can have the potential for nerve damage. Sometimes, damage is minimal or temporary, but other times, the damage can be significant and permanent. If you’re suffering from numbness, tingling or prolonged loss of sensation on your face, in your mouth or around your jaw after a dental procedure, you may have temporary or permanent nerve damage. Contact a lawyer about your concerns as soon as possible.

Infections Caused by Contaminated or Dirty Instruments

Everybody knows that mouths are full of germs. As with other medical settings, cleanliness is of the utmost importance in a dental office setting. Instruments should always be properly cleaned and sterilized before and after use. The potential for infection after an extraction or other type of procedure is pretty likely if dirty instruments were used during the procedure. With an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, infections are nothing to mess around with. In some cases, infections can be debilitating, catastrophic and for some people, fatal.

Prescription Drug Malpractice Following a Dental Procedure

After a dental procedure, it’s very common to get medication for the pain and inflammation. It’s critically important that the medication you receive is the right type of medication for you, and that it’s the right dosage. If a dosage is off or if you get the wrong medication, your life could be in danger. Prescription drug malpractice can be extremely dangerous, especially for patients who are recovering from a particularly traumatic procedure. Going home with the wrong medication or the wrong dosage is not safe. If you were injured due to a prescription drug error, you need to contact an attorney with malpractice case experience as soon as possible about your case.

Anesthesia Complications Due to Negligence

Many dental procedures, especially wisdom tooth extractions, require the use of anesthesia. As with any procedure where you go under the knife, it’s important that the anesthesia be administered safely and appropriately. Nobody should go in for a routine wisdom-tooth extraction and not wake up. It’s just as serious and as important for anesthesia to be administered properly during a dental procedure as it is during any other type of procedure.

Jackson Dental Malpractice Lawyer

After any kind of dental procedure that left you injured, it’s important to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your claim. Malpractice can happen in dental offices too. Injuries to the mouth and face can be devastating and catastrophic, so it’s important to make sure you have the compensation you deserve for potential medical bills and treatments after a preventable injury at a dental office. If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one due to dental malpractice in Jackson or in any of the surrounding Metro Area communities, contact the skilled and proven Personal Injury team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (601) 265-7766 for a case consultation today.


  • $144 Million $144 Million
  • $120 Million $120 Million
  • $20.4 Million Fraud settlement that went to Mississippians
  • $2.3 Million Brain injury settlement
  • $2.1 Million Civil rights death
  • $1.6 Million Fraud settlement for Mississippians

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