Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The vast majority of dogs are wonderful and loyal pets – even those that are considered to be a dangerous dog breed. Unfortunately, when pet owners do not take the time to properly train and control their dogs, these animals can cause serious injury and even death to unsuspecting children or pedestrians. A large dog can maul a child in just a few seconds. Even a small dog can cause permanent scarring or disfigurement. If left untreated or if not treated properly, dog bites can even become infected, leading to sepsis.

It is important to know that the most dangerous dog is an unloved or uncared for dog. Yet, some dog breeds are known to be a bit more dangerous than others. Owning one of these dogs and not properly training that dog could subject a pet owner to increased liability, should their dog attack or injure another person.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

  1. Pitt Bulls – Pitt Bulls have a bad reputation and for good reason. While they can be extraordinary pets, they do require training in order to subdue their aggressive behavior. If left unchecked, these dogs can cause serious harm. In 2015, Pitt Bulls caused 82% of all U.S. dog-bite related fatalities, even though they only make up 6.6% of the dog population.
  2. Rottweilers – Like Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers are also very aggressive. In 2015, they were the second most lethal dog breeds. Together with Pitt Bulls, these two breeds accounted for 91% of the dog bite fatalities in the U.S.
  3. German Shepherd – These dogs make excellent guard dogs because of their fierce loyalty and aggression towards strangers. If they are not properly trained, however, their bites can be fatal. They can turn on small children very quickly if provoked.
  4. Doberman Pinscher – Doberman Pinschers are very intelligent dogs but most of their fatal bites occur when they are protecting their owners or believe that they are protecting their owners. Doberman Pinscher fatalities spiked in the 1970s.
  5. Bullmastiff – These dogs can weigh over 130 pounds and if confronted can easily use their body weight and large teeth to inflict a fatal wound in just seconds. As a result, many of these dogs are bred to be guard dogs.
  6. Husky – These beautiful dogs may look cuddly, but they are not usually very social unless they are raised to be. Between 1979 and 1998, Siberian Huskies were responsible for 15 deaths.
  7. Malamute – These dogs are often found pulling sleds. They have a high prey drive and can track and kill quickly. They are often aggressive towards other dogs and this can result in injury to the other dog's owner or to a child playing nearby. Since the CDC began reporting dog bite injuries, Malamutes have been responsible for at least 12 deaths.
  8. Chow Chow – These teddy bear dogs were originally developed in Mongolia and have been known to have aggressive tendencies.
  9. St Bernard – These dogs can weigh up to 260 pounds and their bite can be lethal due to their sheer size and weight. They have been responsible for at least 4 deaths, but numerous other injuries. Since 1980, these dogs have been responsible for at least 7 deaths.
  10. Great Dane – Most of these dogs are gentle giants, especially when trained and raised to be social. When not properly trained, however, these dogs can turn on their owners or on strangers. Since 1980, Great Danes have been responsible for at least 7 deaths. The majority of those deaths occurred in 1980.

Mississippi Dog Bite Law

In the State of Mississippi, a dog bite victim must prove that the dog's owner either acted negligently or knew of his or her dog's dangerous propensity to bite people. This can be proved in a number of ways.

  • Dog's owner violated dog leash law
  • Dog's owner did not properly contain dog on property
  • Dog was trespassing on another property
  • Dog had previously bitten another individual
  • Dog exhibited dangerous behavior in the past, such as snapping, growling, snarling.

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At Coxwell & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys believe in fighting aggressively for injured Mississippi dog bite victims – to ensure that they receive the money they need to fully recover. We can help you obtain the money you need to fully recover. Contact Coxwell & Associates today at (601) 265-7766.


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