Helmet Law In Mississippi

Helmet Law in Mississippi

Motorcycle riders in Mississippi are required by law to wear helmets. Under Section 63-9-11, motorcycle and motor scooter riders on public roads and highways are required to wear a crash helmet of a design and type that has been inspected and approved by the American Associated of Motor Vehicle Administrators. It’s important to note that not just any helmet will do. Riders have to wear approved helmets that are up to standard and meet minimum safety requirements. It shouldn’t come to a surprise to anybody that states with helmet laws have fewer fatal motorcycle accidents than states that don’t require helmets. After all, you’re head is pretty important.

Motorcycle Accidents Without Helmets

Without helmets, motorcycle accidents, even at seemingly minor speeds, can be catastrophic, devastating and fatal for riders. You don’t have to be going very fast for a head injury to be fatal. Even bicycle riders, who don’t ride on major interstate highways, have fatal head injuries when they’re not wearing their helmets. The helmet law helps to protect riders from and reduce the severity of serious and potentially debilitating head injuries. Adhering to this law means making sure you choose the right helmet to protect your head.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Helmet

Choosing the right helmet is half the battle. It isn’t enough to just pickup any old helmet and hop on the hog. First thing’s first, make sure to look for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker on any helmets you’re considering. This sticker ensures basic safety standards are being met. These standards include impact protection, penetration protection and retention. Your helmet should be properly fitted and comfortable to wear. Helmets with full facial and jaw coverage are obviously the best. They protect vulnerable and delicate facial bones in the event of impact.

Skullcaps Versus Real Helmets

Although there are some skullcap types of helmets that are DOT approved, they certainly aren’t as good as helmets that offer jaw and facial protection. If your face hits the pavement, do you want a broken nose, cheekbones, chin and other devastating and disfiguring injuries? The full coverage options are definitely the best choice for serious bikers. Full coverage can also prevent or reduce the severity of serious jaw injuries and breaks. Nobody wants to live on a liquid diet for months because their jaw is wired shut. While the traditional skullcap look might be appealing to those looking for an old-school style, the more modern helmets with facial coverage are definitely the best choice for head, face and jaw protection.

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries

Helmets help to prevent and reduce the severity of head injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Even mild concussion events can have lasting effects. At best, a brain injury can leave you with mood and sleep disturbances. At worst, you don’t know your own name and you have to re-learn how to walk, talk and take care of yourself. The helmet law in Mississippi is aimed at protecting riders and preventing severe, catastrophic and potentially fatal head injuries. Although a helmet can’t protect you from every kind of potential injury, it’s definitely the most important and necessary piece of safety equipment on the market.

You Can’t Help How Other People Drive

It doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are. You can’t help how other people drive. Even the best riders are put at risk when drivers are on their cell phones. Whether you’ve just started riding or you’ve been riding your whole life, the helmet law should be observed and adhered to for optimal safety. Don’t let a distracted, drunk or negligent driver take you out. Get an approved helmet and protect yourself from dangerous drivers.

After a Motorcycle Accident

After any kind of motorcycle accident, it’s important to speak with a skilled and proven personal injury lawyer about your case. Negligent and distracted drivers need to be held accountable for endangering the lives of motorcycle riders. Even motorcycle accidents that happen at relatively low speeds can be devastating for riders. Even if you had your helmet on and you still suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury, it’s important to speak with a lawyer. Whether you suffered from a broken leg, arm or some other type of injury, a lawyer can be your advocate as you get better and get back to your normal life.

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident in the Jackson Metro Area or the surrounding communities, contact the experienced legal team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (601) 265-7766 for a free case consultation.


  • $144 Million Death and punitive damages
  • $120 Million Injuries from dangerous drugs
  • $20.4 Million Fraud settlement that went to Mississippians
  • $2.3 Million Brain injury settlement
  • $2.1 Million Civil rights death
  • $1.6 Million Fraud settlement for Mississippians

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