Arms Trafficking

Arms TRafficking

Have you been arrested for arms trafficking in or around Jackson, Mississippi? This is not a crime that the State of Mississippi takes lightly. In fact, depending on the weapons and ammunition you’re being charged with having trafficked, you could basically be spending the rest of your life behind bars. It doesn’t matter if you have any prior criminal history or not. This is not the type of charge that goes away easily. The illegal smuggling and trafficking of weapons can land you in hot water, quick. If you have been arrested or a loved one has been arrested for gun smuggling, you need to get a defense lawyer A.S.A.P.

Arms Trafficking in Mississippi

Smuggling Weapons

Whether you’ve been charged with selling a few guns illegally or you’ve been implicated in a large-scale smuggling ring, you could be facing some pretty stiff penalties in local, state or Federal courts. Gun running and the illegal sale of firearms has become a hot topic in Mississippi and across the country. Even more serious than local charges, is if the operation you’re charged with being a part of has ties across state lines.

Arrested for Gun Running

After an arms trafficking arrest in Jackson, you need to get in touch with a lawyer immediately. This isn’t a simple DUI or battery case. Arms trafficking cases can quickly become complicated. You could be facing hotshot federal prosecutors who have no higher mission than getting convictions, at all costs. You need to have an experienced and proven defense attorney on your side. You’re only going to get one shot to beat this, and you need all the help you can get. Gun smuggling cases don’t go away easily.

Not All Arms Trafficking Cases are Created Equal

The sad truth is that not all arms trafficking cases are created equal. It’s okay for the U.S. military to deal in weapons, but it’s not okay for the average Joe. In fact, many government agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has a long and sordid history of weapons trafficking. Unfortunately, nobody is going to bring that up during your trial. Judges may not take your side of the story into account either. Whether you’re guilty or innocent, the fact of the matter remains that an arms trafficking arrest and conviction can ruin your life.

Living with a Felony Conviction

The number one priority of your criminal defense attorney needs to be getting you cleared of all charges. That’s the best-case scenario. If that’s absolutely not possible, he or she will help you to determine the best outcome available under the circumstances. That may include pleading down to lesser charges to reduce prison time. No matter what happens, you can’t do it alone. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing your best interests.

What About Other Charges?

Chances are, you’re facing more than just trafficking or smuggling charges. This means you could also be facing a substantial amount of time behind bars, if convicted. These cases can get complicated quickly, especially if more than one person has been implicated or charged. Don’t wait for the charges to pile up, get with our attorney as soon as possible, if you’re facing arms trafficking charges or any other related charges.

Who to Call

After an arrest for arms trafficking in Jackson or the surrounding Mississippi areas, you need to call a lawyer. Do not hang your hopes on an overburdened public defense attorney. They just do not have the resources and time to devote to your freedom. If you have to, call your family members and have them find you a good attorney. You might be tempted to take the cheaper option of a free public defender, but don’t gamble with your future on the line. Do you really want your future resting in the hands of a lawyer who is too busy to devote the time and resources necessary to your freedom?

Why You Have to go With Proven Experience

Any lawyer can claim to have experience, but you need a lawyer with actual proven experience in the criminal justice system. This is where lives are made or broken in the courtroom. Contact the experienced team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC today for a consultation. One of our skilled lawyers is standing by to answer your questions about your case. When it comes to an arms trafficking arrest in Jackson or the surrounding areas, the sooner you have a criminal defense attorney on your side, the better. Don’t wait, call us today at (601) 265-7766.


  • $144 Million Death and punitive damages
  • $120 Million Injuries from dangerous drugs
  • $20.4 Million Fraud settlement that went to Mississippians
  • $2.3 Million Brain injury settlement
  • $2.1 Million Civil rights death
  • $1.6 Million Fraud settlement for Mississippians

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