Petit Larceny

Petit Larceny

In a nutshell, petit larceny is theft of an item that has a value of less than $500. Petit larceny is a misdemeanor, and it’s important to note that even if you didn’t physically steal the property, it still might be possible to face petit larceny charges. If you’re in possession of stolen goods that are valued at less than $500, you could be facing petit larceny charges. These cases can be contentious, because the value of certain items and goods can be subjective. If you’re facing grand larceny charges, but you think that law enforcement personnel have overestimated the value of the item in question, you need to let your lawyer know immediately. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor petit larceny charges or felony grand larceny charges, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

Intentional Possession of Stolen Property

Petit larceny involves the intentional possession of stolen property. If you’ve been gifted the stolen property and had no idea that it was stolen, you shouldn’t be facing petit larceny charges. For the elements of this crime to be satisfied, the prosecution has to be able to prove intent. If the item was bought or gifted, the prosecution has to prove that a reasonable person should have known it was stolen. In theory, you shouldn’t go to jail for purchasing or receiving stolen goods, if a reasonable person shouldn’t have suspected them to be stolen. Bring all of your concerns up with your lawyer as soon as you get the chance.

AKA Petty Larceny AKA Petty Theft

Petit larceny is also known as petty larceny or petty theft. Petty larceny and petty theft are still misdemeanors and involve stolen property that is valued at less than $500. If you’re facing petty larceny or petty theft charges, that’s the same thing as petit larceny.

Property Valued at Under $500

Petit larceny charges are involved with stolen goods valued at less than $500. Unfortunately, some items and property can be highly contentious. The street value of certain types of property can be higher or lower than the retail or wholesale price. If you’re concerned about the value of the goods that you’re being accused of stealing, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney immediately. It’s also important to understand that the difference between the value in new and used property also needs to be taken into account in these cases.

Contentious Value of Stolen Property

Getting property appropriately appraised for value is essential in cases involving larceny. It’s not uncommon to see cases involving overvalued property in order to jack charges up to grand larceny, which is a felony. If there is any concern about the value of goods or property in you case, you need to let your lawyer know. This is especially important for people who are facing felony grand larceny charges. The value of property makes a serious impact on whether or not you go to jail or prison, if convicted.

Penalties of a Petit Larceny Conviction

If you’re facing a misdemeanor petit larceny charge, you can get sentenced to up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines, if convicted. If you have additional charges or if you’re facing grand larceny charges, you could be sentenced to hard prison time in addition to expensive fines. Not only do you have the initial penalties to consider, if convicted, these charges go on your permanent record. Larceny, whether it’s petit or grand, can essentially brand you as a thief, so your top priority needs to be your innocence after any type of larceny arrest.

Jackson Petit Larceny Lawyer

Petit larceny charges can land you in jail, out of cash and with a criminal record. After any type of arrest, remember to exercise your right to remain silent. Politely ask to speak with your lawyer until any questioning or interrogation takes place. This is the most important and critical move in your case. Whether you’re facing felony grand larceny charges or the lesser misdemeanor petit larceny charges, speaking with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest is an essential part of ensuring the best possible outcome in your individual situation. If you have been arrested or if a loved one has been charged with petit larceny in Jackson or in any of the surrounding Metro Area communities, contact the skilled and experienced criminal defense team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (601) 265-7766 for an immediate case consultation.


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