Neck Injury

Neck Injury in jackson, ms

Neck injuries, no matter how severe or mild, can be painful and devastating for people. Neck injuries can happen from a variety of different circumstances and events. From falls and construction site accidents to car accidents and athletic injuries, anytime the neck and spinal cord suffers damage, there could be a severe impact to one’s health, wealth and welfare. Since even the most mild neck injury can leave victims in the hospital or laid up in bed for weeks or longer, it’s important to ensure your medical needs are evaluated and treated as swiftly as possible. In cases of severe or catastrophic neck injuries, the results can include paralysis and long-term damage to essential bodily functions and systems.

Neck Injuries: Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains of the neck are commonly associated with athletic injuries and car accidents. When muscle fibers in the neck area are strained, overstretched or torn, the results can be extremely painful. Any sprain or strain to the neck should be treated very carefully. Because we can’t know how severe our injuries are, it’s important to get seen by a medical professional after any painful neck injury. In some cases, it might be possible to heal with rest and supportive care and therapy. A thorough evaluation can help to determine if any serious damage was done.

Neck Injuries From Car Accidents

Unfortunately, neck injuries are very common in car accidents. Any time there is the potential for jolting high-speed accidents, your neck is at risk of injury. Rear-end crashes are commonly associated with neck injuries such as whiplash. Even car accidents at seemingly low speeds can leave victims with painful neck injuries.

Soft Tissue and Whiplash Neck Injuries

Strains, sprains and jolts to the neck are very common in car accidents. If your body is whipped violently or swiftly back and forth, you can suffer from a soft tissue injury to the neck. This injury is known as whiplash, and it can be very painful. If your vehicle was rear ended, and you’re suffering from any symptoms such as tingling, numbness, weakness or stiffness, you need to get to a doctor immediately, even if you felt “okay” right after the crash. When your adrenaline wears off, you will likely be facing a lot of pain, and the sooner you get examined and treated, the better chance you have at a positive outcome.

Herniated Disc Neck Injuries

Herniated discs in the neck can be painful or even catastrophic. Any type of injury that causes a disk to be pushed out of place will likely lead to severe neurological damage to include numbness, weakness or even paralysis. If you’re suffering from a herniated disc after a car accident, construction site accident, trip and fall or any kind of premises accident, it’s critical to speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible about your injury claim.

Workplace Neck Injuries

Sadly, many injuries still happen in workplace situations. If you were driving a vehicle for work when you were injured by another driver’s dangerous actions, you need to speak with a lawyer immediately. After any kind of on-the-job neck injury, make sure you get fully examined and evaluated by a trusted medical professional. Everything has to be fully documented and investigated to determine exactly what happened to cause your injury. It’s important to have an advocate on your side as you begin the recovery process.

Recovering From a Neck Injury

Depending upon the severity of your neck injury, you could be facing a few weeks in the hospital or on bed rest or months or longer of hospitalization for a catastrophic injury. In some cases, there may be a need for surgical procedures, medical devices such as halos or long-term physical and occupational therapy. During this time, medical bills will be piling up, and you will likely be out of work.

Jackson Neck Injury Lawyer

After any kind of accident caused by the negligence or dangerous actions of another person or corporation, it’s essential to speak with a personal injury lawyer who has proven experience fighting for clients who have suffered from neck injuries. A lawyer can be your advocate and help to ensure you get the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with your neck injury.

If you have suffered from a neck injury caused by the negligent or dangerous actions of another person in Jackson or in any of the surrounding Metro Area communities, contact the skilled and proven Personal Injury team at Coxwell & Associates at (601) 265-7766. for a free case consultation today.


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