Poor Road Design And Car Accidents

Poor Road Design and Car Accidents

Although most car accidents are due to some type of human error, it’s not uncommon to hear about poor road design as a factor in a crash. A variety of roadway problems can contribute to car accidents. Whether it’s a steep drop off, unmarked construction zone or dangerously large pot hole, motorists are the true victims. Municipalities have a duty to make sure roadways are safe for drivers. If poor road design was a factor in your crash, you need to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney in Jackson as soon as possible.

Defective Roadway

What is a defective roadway? A defective roadway is the type of place where accidents just always seem to happen. There could be poorly marked areas, blind curves, improperly graded roads or a variety of other design flaws and defects. You might be aware of several of these areas around town. There are always accidents happening, and nobody ever seems to do anything about it. Accidents might be improperly contributed to other factors like speed or careless driving, but the doesn’t get around that some roads just weren’t designed to be safe.

When it’s Not Human Error

Investigations and post-accident proceedings can leave victims frustrated, under the best conditions, but what about when there’s nobody to blame but the road designers? Cases involving poorly designed roadways can quickly become complicated too. Insurance companies may be slow to pay out on claims, and they may even try to deny these claims. Most likely, your lawyer will find experts like engineers and other professionals to help your case. It isn’t enough that you know the road is dangerous, you’ve got to have facts to back it up. It’s not like a traditional car accident case, where you know who is at fault, because that person was given a citation.

Dangerous Intersections

Were you injured at a dangerous intersection? Were the lights malfunctioning? Maybe there was foliage obstructing your vision. No matter what the case is, your lawyer can help to get the ball rolling on this type of case. Don’t let your insurance company bully you, and be sure to make your concerns about the dangerous intersection known. It isn’t always enough to just tell somebody. If you can, have it written down in the accident report with law enforcement. Raise your concerns with your lawyer and your insurance company.

Pot Holes, Drop Offs and Unsafe Shoulders

There are so many types of roadway defects. Some of the most common problems are pot holes, drop offs and unsafe shoulders. You might not think a pot hole is no big deal, but imagine it’s really big and you’re going down a roadway with a 55 mile per hour speed limit. Now, we’ve got a problem. You could have a tire blowout, or you could lose control of your car. Likewise, unsafe shoulders are very well known for causing rollover accidents. Say your tire drifts off the shoulder just a bit and you go to correct it. Depending on the type of shoulder, you could risk flipping and rolling your automobile. This is especially concerning on two-lane highways, where wide-load semi trucks might be coming in the other direction. What choice do you have but to veer slightly off of the roadway?

Different Types of Roadway Design Issues

  • Blind curves
  • Roads not properly treated for show or ice
  • Damaged or missing signs
  • Poor lighting
  • Broken guardrails
  • Steep or no shoulders leading to rollovers or drop offs
  • Landscaping which obstructs vision
  • Curves not graded properly
  • Poorly designed intersections
  • Road not maintained

Poorly Maintained Streets

Streets have to be properly maintained for safety. Roads that have been left to deteriorate can cause a variety of problems and unsafe situations for drivers. This is especially true for bicyclists, who depend on properly maintained roads for their personal safety. Maybe the street wasn’t marked properly or didn’t have the right signs. Even if you’re not sure if a poorly maintained street contributed to your accident, it’s a good idea to ask an experienced lawyer about it. They may know about the street in question too.

When to Call an Attorney in Jackson

After any kind of accident, you need to speak with a skilled Jackson personal injury attorney. It takes resources and time to put a case together. You should be focusing on getting back on your feet and back to you regular life after a wreck. Let your lawyer handle the details. Even if you only take advantage of the free initial consultation, knowledge is power.


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