Falling Debris

Falling Debris

Falling debris is a huge problem on U.S. roadways. We’re not talking about a little bit of litter or garbage flying out of the back of a pickup truck either. We’re talking about cargo and debris flying out of semi trucks on major roadways. Fewer things on the road are scarier than a precarious looking load on a big rig. 

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve white-knuckled past a truck hauling fresh cut timber or winced to see cargo moving around on a big tractor trailer. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving falling debris, you could be in the hospital and out of work for an extended period of time.

Steel Beams, Tools and Other Construction Debris

Some of the deadlier and more dangerous types of debris are items like steel beams, tools and other construction related debris. These items are not forgiving, and you certainly don’t want to hit them or have them go through your windshield. Haulers moving tools and construction equipment and materials have a duty to properly secure their loads. If you were in an accident caused by loose construction materials or other types of industrial debris, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible about your case.

Logs, Lumber and Landscaping Debris

Logs, lumber, landscaping debris and fresh cut timbers are also hazardous as falling debris. Drivers and trucking companies should ensure their loads are properly secured to avoid endangering the lives and safety of other roadway users. If logs or timbers come loose, there’s very little that drivers can do to avoid such large and hazardous debris in the roadway.

Chemical and Fuel Spills

Another type of falling debris or loose cargo is spills of chemical or fuel. These typically happen after a truck accident. Most commonly, a truck accident happens and whatever chemicals or fuel the truck is carrying is then spilled onto the roadway. Not only is this dangerous for the vehicles in the immediate area, it can also create serious environmental impacts to the surrounding land.

Causes of Falling Debris

Whether debris or cargo is set loose because of an accident or improper loading, there is always a reason. In some cases, the cause of falling debris isn’t always immediately apparent, so it’s a good idea to get an experienced truck accident attorney on your case after an accident. It will be absolutely critical to determine whether or not a driver or trucking company was negligent in the loading and securing of the vehicle.

Securing Cargo Safely and Lawfully

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set out clear regulations and guidelines for the safe securement of cargo on commercial vehicles. If trucking companies aren’t following these regulations, they’re putting everybody on the roadway at great risk. If fresh cut timber logs aren’t properly secured, they’re essentially loose missiles. After accidents involving falling debris or loose cargo, it’s absolutely essential to have a skilled truck accident attorney on the case. Truck accidents may take additional investigative efforts. These cases are more complicated than cases involving smaller cars and light vehicles.

Negligent Trucking Companies and Drivers

Ultimately, it’s up to the trucking company to ensure that a load is safely secured. If falling debris causes or contributes to your injury-causing accident, the driver or company that loaded the truck needs to be held accountable for endangering you. Since truck accidents often involve additional federal investigative efforts, it’s important to have a skilled personal attorney on your side after an accident. Your attorney can stay on top of official investigative details and keep you posted on the case’s progress. Negligent truck drivers and trucking companies need to be held accountable for their actions. It’s the only way to get justice for you and help prevent accidents like this from happening to other innocent people. Commercial trucking companies can’t play fast and loose with the rules.

When to Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

After any kind of truck accident, whether falling debris was a factor or not, you need to speak with a skilled and proven personal injury attorney. Since these trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, it’s important to get to the bottom of what goes wrong in these types of accidents. Determining whether or not negligence was involved on the part of the trucking company is an important first step on the road to recovery.

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in a truck accident due to falling debris in Jackson, Mississippi or the surrounding communities, contact the experienced and proven team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (601) 265-7766 for a free case consultation today.


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