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Private Bus Accident IN JACKSON, MS

If you’ve been injured in an accident on a private bus or involving a private, you probably have some questions about what’s next. In cases involving private buses, we’re not dealing with government office or public transportation departments. We’re dealing with companies that have a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care and safety to passengers, riders and other motorists on the roads. Owners and operators of private busing operations will have to be specially licensed and carry insurance. Additionally, private buses are also required to be regularly serviced and maintained, so that they are safe for transporting customers.

How do Private Bus Accidents Happen?

Like many different types of car accidents, accidents involving private buses can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Since these vehicles are so large and capable of carrying a large number of passengers, it’s absolutely essential to determine if any kind of negligence on the part of the driver or bus owner in any way contributed to the accident. Since this crashes are often more complicated than accidents involving smaller passenger occupant vehicles, it may be necessary to have additional investigative efforts. Your personal injury lawyer can stay on top of any investigative developments and make sure all possible factors are being checked into.

Different Types of Private Buses

  • Charter Buses
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Tour Buses
  • Commercial Buses

Charter Buses

Charter buses are typically hired by groups, schools and organizations to transport passengers on a temporary basis. These buses might be hired for end-of-the-year school trips, church retreats or club weekend getaways. When you’re hiring a charter bus, you expect to get your destination safely. Passengers could suffer from moderate to severe injuries in crashes involving charter buses. It’s not uncommon for charter bus accidents to happen at high speeds on the interstate, so it’s critical to have an in-depth investigation following the crash.

Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles are another type of private bus. If you’ve been injured on an airport shuttle, you could be dealing with multiple agencies and insurance companies. Your lawyer might be dealing with multiple investigative jurisdictions as well. Although these shuttles might not seem too dangerous, an accident on an airport shuttle could leave you in the hospital and out of work for an extended period of time. Getting in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident is essential.

Tour Buses

If you’re on vacation, the last thing you expect is an injury due to a tour bus crash. These buses are designed to safely transport tourists on sight-seeing excursions. If you’ve been injured on a tour bus, you’re probably far from home and in need of assistance. Fewer accident cases can be more complicated than those that happened out of town. If you’re out of the hospital, you’re likely leaving the area within a few days or weeks. Let your attorney handle the case, while you recover at home.

Commercial Buses

As airline tickets continue to skyrocket, commercial buses are becoming a popular choice for travelers. They’re affordable, relatively quick and should offer a safe and smooth ride. Unfortunately, crashes involving commercial buses do happen. Whether it’s the fault of the bus driver or another negligent driver on the road, getting caught up in a commercial bus accident can put you out of commission for a while.

Bus Driver Negligence

If you suspect your accident was caused due to bus driver negligence, you need to bring your concerns up to the investigating officer and your lawyer as soon as possible. If you witnessed the bus driver engaging in unsafe behaviors behind the wheel, you need to report it. If you’re still on the scene, let the investigating law enforcement officer know. If you’re not, tell your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Bus drivers, even on private buses, are held to higher standards of safety than traditional car drivers. They should never be engaging in any kind of distracted driving behavior, and that includes holding extended in-depth conversations with passengers. Their one responsibility is getting their passengers where they’re going safely.

After an Accident Involving a Private Bus

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in an accident involving a private bus, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible about your case. Cases involving private buses can be complex and involve a variety of different agencies and insurance companies. Let your attorney handle the details, while you focus on feeling better and getting back to your normal life.

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