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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) occurs when the brain sustains damage due to an outside force. Some forms of brain injury involve penetration (such as a bullet wound) while other types of brain injury are classified as closed head (such as a concussion). The effects of a brain injury can range from a mild concussion to a coma or even death. The extent of a brain injury is not always apparent at first, which is why victims should be thoroughly examined by medical experts after sustaining head trauma. A number of neurological professionals may need to be consulted depending on the severity of the brain injury.

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control report that the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries are falls (35%), car crashes (17%), and being struck by an object (16%). Additionally, gunshot wounds are becoming an increasingly common cause of traumatic brain injuries and are estimated to account for 12% of all traumatic brain injuries.

There are two different types of brain injuries that a person can suffer. The first is a closed head injury. This occurs when the skull and brain contents have not been penetrated and is usually the result of blunt force trauma. The brain will typically move forwards, backwards, and side-to-side in the skull, causing bruising and bleeding. This movement can also burst blood vessels and damage the nerve cells. The other type of injury is an open head injury, which occurs when the skull and other protective layers of the head have been penetrated, exposing the brain to the air. This type of injury is typically more localized, so the injury will only be to one part of the brain.

What happens when someone suffers a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury disturbs the functioning of the brain and throws the neurons and neurotransmitters out of balance. This can change how a person’s body functions, as well as alter their behavior and thinking. These chemical imbalances can take weeks or months to resolve.

The brain is able to change and adapt to new conditions, but this process takes time. Building new neural pathways is a slow process, which is one of the main reasons rehabilitation and treatment must continue for months and sometimes years following a TBI. Effects of a TBI vary from one individual to the next, but there are some symptoms that are seen regularly. These include:

  • Physical Effects
    • Blurred vision
    • Headaches
    • Difficulty speaking
    • Dizziness
  • Behavioral Effects
    • Impulsivity
    • Short temper
  • Cognitive Effects
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Trouble with attention
    • Difficulty making decisions

More Information

A brain injury can have permanent effects on a person's physical health, mental faculties, personality, ability to work, and lifestyle. Additionally, these types of injuries require extensive medical care and rehabilitation following the injury. For these reasons and more, legal advice from a qualified personal injury lawyer in Mississippi should be sought immediately following a brain injury. The brain injury lawyers at Coxwell & Associates can help brain injury victims in Jackson, Mississippi obtain compensation for medicals bills and personal suffering. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury, contact our traumatic brain injury attorneys in Jackson, Mississippi today.


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