Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

Top 7 Questions to ask Your Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may have been left with serious injuries, as well as confusion about the steps you need to take to protect your future. Hopefully you contacted a Mississippi car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. There are specific questions you should ask a prospective car accident attorney prior to making your final decision. These questions include:

  1. What is your area of legal specialty? While there may be many attorneys who are competent enough to handle your auto accident personal injury case, in fact different attorneys specialize in different legal areas. You want to ensure your chosen attorney has specialized skills which will help ensure a favorable outcome to your case.
  2. Are you the attorney who will actually be working on my case?Many people are dismayed to find that, after thoroughly vetting and hiring an attorney, their case is largely handled by a junior partner or even a paralegal. While junior attorneys and paralegals may be well-qualified to handle your case, you need to know up front who will actually handle your case.
  3. Do you think my auto accident personal injury case is a strong one? In order to recover damages for your case, you must be able to show the other person was negligent and breached his or her duty of care by failing to act with a reasonable degree of care, which in turn caused the accident. If you don’t have a strong case, it could be better to settle with the insurance company. Get your attorney’s opinion of the strength of your case upfront.
  4. How will you charge for my case? Many car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win. Attorneys who work on a contingency fee usually get paid a percentage (generally 20-40 percent) of your total settlement. If you are unable to afford the hourly fees charged by an attorney, you could be better off with a contingency fee arrangement.
  5. What fees and costs will I be responsible for? Even if you opt to hire an attorney who will take your case on contingency, you could still be responsible for certain fees or court costs incurred by your attorney as he or she investigates and prepares your lawsuit. Make sure you know upfront the exact costs you may be responsible for.
  6. How long do you think resolution of my case will take? If you suffered serious injuries following your auto accident, you may be alarmed to see your medical bills mounting. If you are unable to return to work following your accident, your financial situation may be even more precarious. It is important to ask your attorney how long he or she believes it will take to fully resolve your case. Obviously, there are a number of factors which can affect how long your case takes, however most attorneys can give you a general estimate.
  7. How can I improve the chances of success for my case? Far too many people believe once they hire an attorney, their only job is to wait for the check to appear. On the contrary, your attorney will need you to be proactive in your case, and may ask you to see additional physicians, speak with investigators, and generally remain totally involved in your case until its conclusion.

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