Sexual Assault

There are a variety of laws associated with sexual assault in the State of Mississippi. In addition to forcible rape and statutory rape, it’s also a crime to assault with the intent to ravish. Since Mississippi takes cases involving sexual assault charges very seriously, it’s essential to get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve been charged with this type of crime. If convicted, you could be facing five years or longer in a correctional facility.

Sexual Assault Cases

Additionally, the stigma associated with a sexual assault crime conviction can be extremely damaging to one’s ability to get a job, rent a home or even apply for a loan or professional license. No matter what charge or charges you’re facing, the sooner you get in touch with a criminal defense attorney about your case, the better chance you have at a favorable outcome. Listed below are some of the laws associated with sexual assault crimes in the State of Mississippi.

Miss. Code Sections Related to Sexual Assault Charges
  • Statutory Rape M.C.A. Section 97-3-65
  • Forcible Rape M.C.A. Section 97-3-69
  • Assault with the Intent to Ravish, M.C.A. Section 97-3-71
Felony Sexual Assault Charges in Mississippi

In most cases, sexual assault-related crimes are felonies. This means, if you’re convicted of one or more felony charges, you’re facing more than one year behind bars. These are much more serious crimes than misdemeanors. A felony conviction can also mean higher fines and a more difficult transition back into society after you’ve paid your debt to society. Anybody facing felony sex crimes charges in or around the Jackson Metro area should contact a proven criminal defense lawyer immediately after an arrest.

Statutory Rape in Mississippi

Statutory rape, which is covered under Miss. Code Section 97-3-65, involves adults who have sex with children who are at least 14 years old but under 16 years old. These charges can also apply to a person who has sex with a child who is not a spouse and is three years younger, and if the person accused is 17 years of age or older. Additionally, a statutory rape charge can also occur if a person is accused of having sex with a child under the age of 14 years old or with a child who is not a spouse and who is two years younger.

Forcible Rape

Forcible rape, which is covered under Miss. Code Section 97-3-69, involves charges of forcing another person to have sex without consent. Additionally, it can also apply to cases where a person has been given a substance, which can include alcohol or drugs, which prevents him or her from being able to properly consent to the sexual encounter.

Assault with the Intent to Ravish

It’s also important to understand that forcible completed rape doesn’t have to occur in order to be charged with a sexual assault crime in Mississippi. Under Miss. Code Section 97-3-71, it is also illegal to assault with the intent to ravish. That means if you’re accused of assaulting another person with the intent to rape, you can be charged with a felony.

Sex Crimes Convictions in Mississippi

Fewer types of criminal convictions can be more damaging to one’s reputation and life than charges associated with sexual assault. People immediately think the worst. It can make getting on with your life extremely difficult. The most important strategy in any case involving sexual assault charges is to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. Always remember to exercise your right against self-incrimination. Remember to ask to speak with your lawyer before answering any questions from law enforcement officials or investigators. It’s your legal right, and it could mean the difference between a conviction and walking free.

Jackson Sexual Assault Lawyer

Nobody wants to do hard time for a crime they didn’t commit. Furthermore, registering on the sex offender list could be adding insult to injury. The best shot you have at a favorable outcome in your case is to get with a criminal defense attorney who has proven sex assault defense case experience as soon as possible after an arrest. These charges are incredibly serious, and a conviction can impact your ability to live your life on your own terms, even after you’ve repaid your debt to society.

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