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The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. Our lawyers have over 70 years of combined experience handling criminal defense cases. We handle most types of crimes, including:

Criminal cases arise when the State, County, City or even the Federal government accuses a individual of committing a crime. A criminal charge, whether a felony or a misdemeanor, may represent one of the most difficult and important times in a person's life. A criminal conviction can lead to imprisonment in the state penitentiary, large fines, loss of voting rights, the loss of the right to hold public office or possess a professional license, and many other negative collateral consequences. Our attorneys are recognized across Mississippi as experienced, aggressive and capable criminal defense attorneys.

The attorneys at Coxwell & associates have represented:

  • the former Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi,
  • a criminal defense attorney's son when he was charged with four (4) criminal charges,
  • a Mississippi Supreme Court Justice,
  • countless professionals, and
  • hundreds of good, hard-working Mississippians who had the bad fortune to be charged with having committed a crime
at trial
Merrida Coxwell in trial

Our criminal defense attorneys have handled approximately eighteen (18) death penalty cases and numerous serious drug crimes and other felonies. The attorneys also understand that for many people being charged with and convicted of a misdemeanor can be devastating, so they defend these cases with the same dedication and seriousness as a felony.

If you, a family member, or a friend has been charged with a crime of any kind, contact an experienced Mississippi law firm to give you the guidance and professional help through this difficult time. The criminal defense attorneys at Coxwell & associates, PLLC are experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in the area of State and Federal criminal defense. We provide client service that is characterized by personal attention and aggressive engagement with the facts of your case. We work in all areas of criminal defense, such as:

  • Manslaughter, homicide, murder, or other violent offenses
  • Vehicular manslaughter related to DUI or otherwise
  • DUI and related traffic offenses
  • Defense of drug offenses in all courts
  • Corporate crimes, white collar crimes and fraud charges
  • Sex crimes defenses from statutory rape to internet pornography
  • Criminal defense of licensed professional White collar misdemeanors
  • Defense of all crimes in City, County & Justice Court
  • Drug related forfeiture of property

The managing partner of Coxwell & associates, PLLC is Merrida (Buddy) Coxwell. Mr. Coxwell holds an AV Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a company that independently rates attorneys on skill and ethics. Mr. Coxwell is a frequent lecturer and holds membership in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Lifetime member), was a founding member of the Mississippi Attorneys for Constitutional Justice, and is a member of the Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana Criminal Defense lawyers Associations. He has also been recognized in the publication The Best Lawyers in America in criminal defense for ten (10) consecutive years.

Whether you are accused or charged of a crime in State or Federal Court, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you achieve the most favorable resolution possible under the facts. One way to judge a firm is to look at the people who seek out their advice. Coxwell & associates, PLLC has the earned reputation for giving the best advice and help in the area of criminal defense. If you have a question please give our criminal defense attorneys a call for a complimentary consultation.

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