Florence Municipal Court

Florence Municipal Court

Location: 203 N. Church Street, Florence, MS, 39073

Judge: Ken Fairly

Prosecutor: David Ringer

Court Clerk: Melissa McCue

Phone Number: 601-845-7508

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 309, Florence, MS, 39073

When Court Meets: Florence Municipal Court schedules hearings every Tuesday, except the fourth Tuesday of every month. Court proceedings begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Florence, a city of 4,141 people according to the last Census, occupies 5.9 square miles in Rankin County. According to the 2010 Census, Florence is the 12 th fastest growing city in Mississippi. In 2004, a new street was built in the city, forming a new town square, characteristic of most Mississippi towns and cities. Florence Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all traffic citations and misdemeanor charges filed within the city. This Court also has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations. Additionally, Florence Municipal Court holds Initial Appearances for defendants accused of felonies within city limits.

Since the Florence Police Department has jurisdiction within the city limits, those arrested by the Florence Police, or issued a ticket by a Florence Police Officer, will appear before a judge at Florence Municipal Court. Accordingly, the Rankin County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol also maintain operations within Florence.

Contact the Florence Municipal Court Clerk, Melissa McCue, at 601-845-7508 if you have questions about your court date or other pressing matters you need to discuss with the Clerk. While the Clerk may provide general information about your upcoming court date, he or she may not answer specific questions about cases, or advise defendants of their legal rights. Only attorneys licensed to practice in Mississippi, who handle these matters on a regular basis, may answer these specific questions. If you are seeking legal advice, or need quality legal representation, contact the experienced attorneys at Coxwell & Associates today.

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