Rankin County Justice Court

Rankin County Justice Court

Location: 117 N. Timber Street, Brandon, MS 39042 (Third Floor of the Old Courthouse in Downtown Brandon)


Prosecutor: Richard Wilson; Assistant County Prosecutor is Richard Lawrence

Court Clerk: Jessica Massey

Phone Number: 601-824-2665

Mailing Address: 117 N. Timber Street, Brandon, MS 39042

When Court Meets: Rankin County Justice Court schedules hearings Monday through Friday.

Rankin County has four Justice Court Judges, each representing one of four Judicial Districts in the County. Justice Court Judges are elected by the constituents of each Judicial District, but these judges have jurisdiction over the entire county, not just the specific District they represent. Rankin County Justice Court Judges preside over both jury and non-jury hearings in criminal disputes and civil matters. These Judges may even marry couples in Rankin County. Rankin County voters elect four Constables; one from each of Four Districts. Constables also have jurisdiction throughout the entire county, just as the Justice Court Judges. Constables may serve process and even make arrests within the county lines.

Rankin County Justice Court has jurisdiction over civil matters, traffic violations, and misdemeanor criminal cases occurring within Rankin County. Rankin County Justice Court handles Civil cases involving suits between two or more persons in which the amount of the suit is less than $2,500. Civil cases usually involve torts, and landlord-tenant disputes resulting in evictions. In contrast, Criminal cases involve either misdemeanor or felony charges. Rankin County Justice Court also has jurisdiction over Initial Appearances and Preliminary Hearings in felony cases. However, trials in felony cases must be held in Rankin County Circuit Court.

If you are set to appear before the Rankin County Justice Court, and you have questions regarding the date of your appearance or the nature of the court proceedings, you may call the Court Clerk, Jessica Massey. Massey can be contacted at 601-824-2665. However, the Clerk may not offer legal advice, or answer questions specifically relating to your charges. Accordingly, these questions may only be answered by licensed attorneys, who handle these matters regularly. The attorneys at Coxwell & Associates are available to advise you and answer your pressing legal questions.

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