Right of Way Violations

Right of way violations are a common cause for motorcycle accidents. These types of crashes typically occur out of driver inattention or poor judgment behind the wheel. Since these crashes can often be devastating for motorcycle riders, it’s essential to have a thorough and complete accident investigation. Right of way violations, especially at intersections, can be incredibly dangerous for motorcycle riders. Even at seemingly slow speeds, a rider can become catastrophically or fatally injured in a multi or single-vehicle collision.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of right of way violations. To observe the proper flow of traffic and make appropriate right-of-way decisions, it’s absolutely essential to pay close attention to the task of driving. Drivers who are distracted aren’t making good decisions behind the wheel. A distracted driver isn’t going to check for motorcycles before making a turn or merging. Safe driving requires 100 percent of the driver’s attention. Motorcycles are often the victims of right of way violation accidents when distracted driving is involved. Since motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, it’s easy for a distracted driver to ignore or overlook them.

Poor Judgment Behind The Wheel

Another common cause of right of way violation accidents is simply poor judgment behind the wheel. This is when a driver is paying attention, but perhaps is in a rush or for some other reason, makes a bad decision behind the wheel. This is when a driver doesn’t accurately assess a situation. We see this type of accident occur when a driver pulls out in front of a motorcycle that clearly has the right of way. Drivers make poor decisions when they’re in a hurry. When in doubt, wait to make the turn. It could save a life.

Failing to Yield

Failing to yield is a major problem when it comes to right-of-way issues. Motorcycles are entitled to all the respect that other vehicles on the roadway get. Drivers must lawfully yield to motorcycles when required to do so by law. It’s not like getting cut off in traffic in a car. When a driver fails to yield to a motorcycle, that motorcyclist’s life is put at risk. It’s infinitely more dangerous to be cut off on a motorcycle than in a car.

Accident Investigation

After any type of motorcycle or automobile accident, it’s so vital to ensure a thorough and complete accident investigation has been completed. In some cases, it may be necessary to have a traffic accident reconstruction expert on the scene. Right of way violations can be contentious, so the sooner you talk to an accident attorney the better. After literally getting blindsided in an accident, don’t get figuratively blindsided by a driver who denies the facts of the case. Your attorney can be your advocate and stay on top of all pertinent details of the investigation.

Motorcyclists Are Entitled to Respect

Like any other vehicle on the road, motorcycle riders deserve respect. Just because the vehicles are smaller doesn’t mean they aren’t legally entitled to the rules of the road. The same goes for bicyclists too. Always yield the right of way to other roadway users where the law requires it. Motorcycle riders are a vulnerable roadway user group, because they don’t have seat belts, air bags and steel safety cages. Treat them with respect, so they can get to their destinations alive.

Injuries Associated With Right of Way Violations

Some of the injuries that are frequently associated with right of way violations are head, neck and spinal injuries. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to see lacerations, fractures, abrasions, bruising and internal organ damage. Since each accident is different, the circumstances of each person’s injuries are going to be different and unique too. Some accidents that don’t appear very serious to traditional automobile drivers can be devastating and catastrophic for motorcycle riders. Even a fender bender can seriously injure a motorcycle rider.

When to Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Jackson

After a motorcycle accident involving a right of way violation, it’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer who has proven motorcycle accident case experience. You need to be compensated for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages and injuries. You could be out of work for who knows how long, and you need somebody on your side.

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