Whistler Blower or False Claims Act

Health care fraud and other types of fraud cost the taxpayers billions of dollars each year. It is hard to imagine how a company can get away with cheating the Government out of billions, but it happens of a frequent basis. As a taxpayer we should all want to prevent this type of conduct.

The United States Congress passed a law that is now commonly know as the Whistler Blower’s Law. Attorneys usually call it the False Claims Act. The purpose of the law is to encourage people who have information of fraud against the government to report that fraud. It allows someone with insider information to go to a lawyer and file a private lawsuit against the company or business committing the fraud or over charging the government. The United States Attorney is then served with a notice of the lawsuit and is given the opportunity to take over the lawsuit or work with the private attorneys. The whole purpose of this law is to prevent and expose fraud against the government.

Fraud is most often found in defense contracts, building or supply contracts, and health care fraud. Currently health care fraud is the focus of the Unites States Government. Health Care fraud includes medical treatment, medical products and services, and prescription drugs. This is going to be the focus of the U.S. Government for many years. Already this year the Government has recovered approximately 2.4 billion dollars from companies that over charged or cheated the U.S. Government.

If have information of fraud, over charging, or any excessive charges to the United States Government call us at Coxwell & Associates. If your information turns out to be true, you will be compensated by the Government for your willingness to be truthful. Your compensation will be based on the amount of the money recovered. Many people don’t know this but Mississippi leads the nation in some forms of health care fraud. Health care fraud cheats us all and raises the cost of our health care. If you have information call us at (601) 265-7766. Coxwell & Associates is located in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississppi. We travel and work in Rankin and Madison Counties each week. For our experienced attorneys the entire State is like our backyard. You may also e mail our managing partner Merrida (Buddy) Coxwell at merridac@coxwelllaw.com.

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