Don’t Be a Tattletale?

Back in childhood we were all probably told at different times “don’t be a tattletale.” Often times that statement probably comes from parents who just want a little rest from their children who keep coming to their parents and reporting on what the other kids are doing. But, is it okay to be a tattletale? Sometimes it is the right thing to do. Health care fraud and waste is costing taxpayers billion of dollars each year. Fraudulent over billings in many forms hurts us all, because it makes the cost of insurance go up and up and up. In our lives health equals wealth. Let me say that again: Health equals wealth. If you have your health then you have the ability to pursue not only your job, but enjoy time with your family and pursue your hobbies.

Not a day goes by without the news reporting another instance of Health Care fraud. In Miami, Florida eighth (8) more people were arrested in a 22 million Medicare Fraud Scheme involving home health care. And, 22 million is not even a big fraud scheme. Nationwide, that is rather small. If you know of a Health Care Fraud that is occurring call our office and we will investigate and help expose this fraud. If you help uncover the fraud you may be entitled to recover a portion of the money recovered from the fraud.

Coxwell & Associated is a professional limited liability company focusing on serious personal injury, health care fraud, whistle blower cases, business fraud, and criminal defense. Our office is located a block from the State Capitol in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi but the attorneys travel all over Mississippi and other states. Our attorneys are also licensed in West Virginia, Alabama, and the District of Columbia,

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