Auto Accidents and Serious Injuries

Today in the local paper there was a series of three (3) articles about automobile injuries. There was the tragic criminal case against Karen Irby. Mrs. Irby was charged with culpable negligence and causing of death of two people. The families of the two deceased people filed a sixty (60) million dollar civil lawsuit against Karen Irby. There was another article about a two (2) car collision in Ridgeland, MS, that sent two people to the hospital. Finally, there was a story of a 24 year old college kid who was killed when he was struck by a car. All of these stories are terribly tragic. At times it seems as if there are more accidents then ever.

I am a firm believer that texting on the cell phone is a fast way to have an accident. We use cars so much that operating one becomes second nature. We take cars for granted and don’t think how dangerous cars can be in a split second. I always try to remember to drive offensively and defensively. I always take the position that the other driver does not see me, that way I am on guard for some other person’s mistake.

If you are injured in an auto accident or other serious injury, call one of the attorneys at Coxwell & Associates. We specialize in serious injury cases.

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