Texting Blamed for Horrible Car Accident. Mississippi Parents Please Educate Teens!

Accident involving a truck along highway

My legal assistant, Jen, sent me this heartbreaking article and suggested I blog about the dangers of texting and driving. I have blogged about texting before but when I see an article like this one and I think about how many young teenagers I personally know who recently stared to drive I think it’s worth another blog.

The article is about 16 year old Savannah Nash and her tragic death. Savannah just got her driver’s license and her family gave her permission to take the car out for the first time by herself. She simply went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. As she was driving, she failed to yield at an intersection and a semi tractor truck t-boned her car. The trooper who investigated the accident reported that Savannah was texting at the time of the accident.

By all accounts, Savannah was a sweet little girl who was loved by her family and friends. Over 300 people turned out for her funeral. I can’t imagine her family’s grief and don’t care to. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

I have several friends who have young drivers and I know that they text and drive even though their parents have told them not to. I know this because they’re kids and that’s what kids do. I know you can talk and talk to kids and they won’t listen to you. You tell them to pick up their clothes, do their homework, brush their teeth, etc. until your blue in the face. Kids simply have of tuning out their parents voices.

I would love to share Savannah’s story with each and every teen in America. I want them to see how this 16 year old girl was needlessly killed. How her death has devastated her family and friends. How her death left a hole in their lives that will never be filled. There will be an empty seat at the dinner table forever. When her favorite TV show comes on, it will only bring tears to her parents’ eyes. When they hear songs she enjoyed, they will feel sadness. The holidays will never be the same. Her birthday will be mourned instead of celebrated. When her friends graduate high school and then college, her family will only feel loss.

If you are a parent, please take time to let your child read this story. As a parent of of a 9 year old, I will be telling my son about Savannah. Won’t you take time to do the same with your child? I hope to practice law another 30 years and I truly hope that I never have to represent another family who has lost a child. Maybe Savannah’s story can help prevent another tragic death.

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