Who Might Be Liable For A Cargo-Related Truck Accident?

Transporting freight is the cornerstone of the American economy. In 2015 alone, our country’s transportation system moved an average of nearly 50 million tons of freight every single day, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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Since the recession ended, the total tonnage of goods moved has been on the rise, and experts estimate that between 2015 and 2045, it will increase by approximately 1.4 percent per year. Although most goods that are transported by truck reach their destination safely, improperly loaded or shifted cargo can cause catastrophic collisions that result in serious injuries and even death.

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Who Might Be Liable for a Cargo-Related Truck Accident?

When shifting or spilled cargo causes a wreck, there are several different parties who might be liable, including:

  • The truck driver;
  • The motor carrier;
  • The company that designs the mechanisms for securing the cargo;
  • The cargo loading company; or
  • The government entity is responsible for maintaining the roads.

Truck drivers can be at fault for spilled cargo if they fail to exercise caution when maneuvering their vehicles in traffic. Speeding, making sharp turns, and braking suddenly can all cause cargo to shift and eventually spill onto the highway. Shifting freight can also affect the truck’s center of gravity, making it more vulnerable to flipping when making turns.

Motor carriers can be responsible for cargo-related truck accidents if they load all the freight in-house or pressure their drivers to make risky maneuvers in traffic in order to meet tight deadlines. If they rely on a third-party loading company, on the other hand, that company could be liable for any damages that result from a cargo-related truck accident.

The company that designed, manufactured, or distributed the mechanisms that secure the cargo may also be liable if a defect caused the mechanism to fail.

In rare cases, the government entity responsible for maintaining the roads could be liable for cargo-related truck wrecks. If the trucker is following all traffic laws and the cargo has been loaded securely, for example, but the roads are especially rough, the freight could be jostled to the point that it causes a problem. The shifting cargo might spill onto the road or inhibit the trucker’s ability to maneuver the vehicle safely.

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