How to Pick a Good Qui Tam Attorney

You’ve collected some information about bringing a complaint under the False Claims Act, but where to go from here? Here’s how to pick a good attorney for your qui tam case

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The success of your whistleblower False Claims Act lawsuit, as well as minimizing the complications and stress bringing such a complaint could have on you, will depend on this single factor: having an attorney that is successful in qui tam cases in your corner – a professional who is able to fight the good fight alongside you.

In this blog, we’ll let you know how to find the best attorney for your qui tam needs, based on four key indicators. These include: prior experience, has the credentials, a trustworthy reputation and the required support you deserve for taking the important step to blow the whistle on healthcare crime.

In the meantime, if you would like more information about how you as a whistleblower can be protected and rewarded, you can download our Essential Guidance On Qui Tam And Whistleblower Lawsuits. This helpful guide includes key terms, common types of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, negative consequences for whistleblowers and a fraud checklist. If you suspect fraud, what do you do next?

1) An Attorney Should Have Some Experience In Dealing With Qui Tam Lawsuits

If you’re currently on an endless search for an attorney whose sole area of expertise is in whistleblowing, then this search will not be successful. That’s because whistleblowing is not a big enough area for an attorney to specialize in. However, unlike many other legal proceedings, in a qui tam lawsuit you need to keep in mind that you are not representing yourself; you are acting on behalf of the United States Government and, since a government entity can’t represent itself without an attorney, you must also have an attorney to represent you.

It’s simple. If your attorney has dealt with numerous cases then your chances of success are much greater compared to an attorney who will make your case their first whistleblowing lawsuit. This means that the first step you need to consider is selecting an attorney who has previous experience in dealing with qui tam cases so you’re more likely to succeed, as no attorney specializes in this.

A general practice law firm might not be your best bet when it comes to filing a False Claims Act lawsuit. Choose an attorney that has dealt with qui tam cases and is even part of a personal injuries law firm that can add valuable input. What this means for you is:

  • He or she will smoothly navigate the complexities of qui tam work, raising your chances of success considerably
  • As the attorney will have dealt with whistleblowing cases in the past, they will know which jurisdiction to file your claim in
  • A qui tam attorney will be familiar with both federal False Claims Act cases and with cases of fraud against the state of Mississippi

2) Qui Tam Understanding And The Credentials To Back It Up

The area of law that includes False Claims Act lawsuits is highly technical and complex. In fact, there are just a small number of qui tam attorneys with substantial experience representing healthcare whistleblowers. Before choosing your qui tam attorney, ask for their credentials and experience to see if they have what it takes to see your case through to the end.

Along with this, it’s vital that the attorney you select can prove they have the understanding of the fine intricacies of False Claims Act law and the large volume of case law that has accumulated over the years. If they are able to show the credentials and the relevant, up-to-date knowledge to back this up, then this sign suggests it’s an attorney you can trust in your whistleblowing case.

For instance, at Coxwell & Associates, attorney Chuck Mullins, is licensed to practice in Mississippi as well as DC and West Virginia and has seen many healthcare fraud cases through to successful conclusions.

3) Pick An Attorney With A Trustworthy Reputation

Filing a False Claim Act lawsuit is a big step, so it’s important that you trust your legal counsel completely. Do your research before settling on an attorney to deal with your qui tam case. Once you’ve established that they have enough experience in qui tam cases, they have the credentials, knowledge and a proven track record in bringing cases to a successful conclusion, your next step is to establish their reputation.

You can do this by asking for examples of the results they’ve achieved for their clients, reviews that have been left in the past as well as client testimonials.

4) Your Attorney Should Be Responsive And Supportive Of Your Needs
False Claims Act cases can take years to conclude. During this time you and your attorney will need to have a good working relationship based on mutual respect that will see you through possible complications, delays and the reviewing of documents and statements. They also need to be understanding of what implications a qui tam case can bring. The best attorneys understand the strain of time commitments on their clients as well as other stresses experienced by whistleblowers.

It’s never easy being a hero, but a top notch qui tam attorney, working with you as a team and proud to represent you as you make a stand for truth and justice, will always respect your time, be responsive to your questions and supportive of your needs.

Choosing a Successful Attorney Could Award You With a Percentage of the Recovered Funds

Coxwell & Associates investigates FCA cases across the state of Mississippi. If you are an employee at a facility and have witnessed any type of fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid billing, please contact Chuck Mullins at Coxwell & Associates. Report your case correctly and you could be awarded 25 to 30% of the recovered funds. We will also look at any other type of government fraud cases across the state so please reach out to us for advice.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.

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