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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Against an Apartment Complex?


In the state of Mississippi, landlords and property managers are legally obligated to maintain their premises to a reasonable standard. If they fail to do so and a tenant, guest, or passerby sustains an injury as a result, they may be held financially liable.

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Read on to learn about some of the more common examples of apartment complex negligence in Mississippi:

1. Inadequate Lighting

When an apartment complex has inadequate lighting, tenants and guests are more likely to slip or trip and fall. They are also more vulnerable to assault and battery because there are less likely to be eyewitnesses. Therefore, landlords must install sufficient lighting around the complex and perform reasonable maintenance on each fixture.

2. Loose or Missing Handrails

Most apartment complexes have several stories, which means they also have several stairwells. There should be sturdy handrails on every staircase. Failing to install or replace handrails as needed is considered negligent and can have devastating consequences for tenants.

3. Slippery Floors

If an apartment complex has common areas, such as a lobby or laundry room, it is up to the property manager to keep them relatively clean, dry, and free of hazards. Wet floors are especially dangerous and pose the risk of slipping and falling, which can cause life-threatening injuries.

4. Poorly Maintained Elevators

Every elevator has mechanical components that require regular maintenance. If apartment complexes fail to keep up with this maintenance, they put all those who use the elevators at risk of serious injury and even death.

5. Insufficient Security Measures

Landlords do not necessarily have to post security guards around the property 24/7, but they do have to install reasonable measures around the complex to prevent burglary, assault, and battery. In addition to adequate lighting, this might include surveillance cameras, deadbolts, and window guards. When property managers fail to establish or maintain sufficient security measures, they may be held at least partially liable for any injuries or property damage that occurs as a result.

Discuss Your Case with a Premises Liability Lawyer in Jackson

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