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Mississippi Foreclosure and False Documents


In every county in Mississippi, homes are being foreclosed with forged and false documents. There are office buildings filled with robo-signers, employees who create and sign false affidavits and documents by the thousands. The news magazine program 60 Minutes did a story on this April 4, 2011. The story reported on one robo-signer who said he signed up to 4,000 documents a day, all in the name of Linda Green. This was 350 forgeries per hour! He admitted that he didn’t know what documents he was signing or even if they were true.

We have been challenging and fighting these abusive practices and false documents for our Mississippi bankruptcy clients but many other Mississippians wait until the foreclosure is over to seek help save their home.

In Mississippi, we are a non judicial foreclosure state. Banks and mortgage companies don’t have to take you to court to foreclosure on your home. They don’t even have to tell you they are foreclosing. They run an ad in the newspaper for three weeks and hold the foreclosure sale on the fourth week.

The real truth is that the banks and mortgage companies can’t find the original notes and deeds of trust that they say they own. So instead of using the original documents the make up copies of assignments and affidavits that are supposed to show that they are the lawful owner of your contract. These are really just fake documents created so the foreclosure can be done as quickly as possible. Since most people don’t resist the foreclosure, this usually works.

The mortgage industry has been caught committing crimes, fraud, forgery, burglary, breaking and entering, by the tens of thousands for quite some time now. It is commonly referred to as sloppy paperwork and it is regularly reported that the Attorneys General are investigating and Congress is holding hearings, but not one person has been charged with a crime.

Don’t lose your home to sloppy paperwork. If you are behind in your house notes, contact us now, before the foreclosure starts.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as general information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. Anyone with a legal problem should consult a lawyer immediately.