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Major Mississippi Bust Involving Drugs and Guns to Mexico

money and gun

A significant arrest in Pascagoula, Mississippi involving a drug and gun running operation caught my attention. According to authorities, they have been investigating this group for (2) years. The persons arrested were involved with shipping drugs to the Mississippi Coast in exchange for guns which were then shipped to Mexico.

I have been involved in numerous cases where the police would investigate a drug or gun running operation for a long period of time. What hacks me off is where the police allow the crime(s) to be committed over a long period of time in order to build their case. For instance, what if the authorities in this particular case allowed drug shipments to come into Mississippi and then allowed guns to flow back to Mexico? I don’t know that it happened in this particular cases but it does happen in others.

With the drug related violence going on in Mexico, I sincerely hope that law enforcement officials would not allow this to happen. However, our government has been linked to many nefarious things over the years: Kerry Report links CIA to crack dealing and the CIA’s LSD experiment for example.

Everyone, even criminal defense lawyers, want “bad guys” arrested. When our Government allows criminals to operate simply to “build their case” it puts everyone in danger. This type of outrageous conduct should not be tolerated.

Charles R. Mullins has been practicing criminal law for nearly 17 years. Learn more about Chuck at the Coxwell & Associates website.

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