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A Standoff, a Manhunt, and Bert Case


In one of the most bizarre stories this year, a Jackson-area anchor helped Madison County law enforcement apprehend a guy they simply could not find…

Yesterday evening Rodney Wayne Hill allegedly pulled a gun on his neighbor who then called law enforcement officers to the scene. After repeated attempts to speak to Rodney Hill failed, Mr. Hill barricaded himself in his own home. Late last night, local media reported Hill had numerous weapons and possible explosives in his home.

So the police sat and waited.

Law enforcement waited all night long. Early this morning police went in the house and searched high and low and even in between walls to find Hill. No one could find him.

Until Bert Case showed up.

Bert Case, anchor of WLBT and 48-year news reporter veteran, simply watched Hill walk along the tree line asking for help. Bert was already in the middle of the interview when Madison Sheriff’s Department Officers jumped out of their truck and detained Hill, who kept asking for help.
No one with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department acted as if they knew Hill was sleeping in the woods all night.

While watching the video from WLBT’s website is entertaining, the real question is: What will happen next? Will Madison County prosecute Mr. Hill? Or will Madison County request a mental evaluation of Mr. Hill? Regardless of what happens next, Bert Case has once again become the story, instead of simply reporting the story.

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