7 Reasons to Start a Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Throughout the US, hundreds of women are filing Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuits to claim compensation. It is currently being argued that J&J’s baby powder can cause ovarian cancer when used regularly in the genital area over a long period of time.

Johnson and Johnson has no warnings on its products about the potential cancer risks. However, some lawsuits have claimed J&J was fully aware of the warnings. One piece of evidence suggests that J&J was aware in the 1990s of the links between ovarian cancer and baby powder but they decided not to warn their consumers.

There are many women who use baby powder as part of their daily hygiene routine and J&J’s decision to silence the warnings, has put hundreds of women at risk.

If you are suffering from ovarian cancer, and you think it’s related to J&J’s baby powder, you could be eligible to file a Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuit.

Some women have been deterred from filing a lawsuit because J&J is a worldwide pharmaceutical company, and they believe the likelihood of winning is slim. But some women have already won cases against Johnson and Johnson. Gloria Ristesund was awarded $55 million and Deborah Giannecchini won $70 million for their baby powder lawsuits.

There are multiple reasons, why you should file a Johnson and Johnson baby powder lawsuit.

1. Claim compensation for the pain you’ve suffered

Ovarian cancer is a serious (and life-threatening) disease that can have a major impact on your life.

J&J’s decision to continue marketing baby powder despite being aware of the dangers is a negligent act. They chose to continue selling their products and putting your health at risk. They should be made to pay compensation for the injuries they’ve caused.

2. Claim compensation for any financial loss

Along with injuries, it’s probable you’ve had to take time off work, pay for medical bills and make other financial losses. Filing a compensation claim gives you the opportunity to reclaim money that you’ve lost. Why should you lose precious savings when a company was responsible for your injuries?

3. Warn other consumers about the risks of talcum powder

By filing a Johnson and Johnson lawsuit, you’re helping to warn consumers of the dangers. Every time there is a successful case against J&J, the word is spreading in the media and more people are alerted of the risks.

Filing a lawsuit, puts more pressure on J&J to accept there is a definitive link between baby powder and cancer.

4. Put pressure on J&J to put warning labels on their talcum powder products

J&J currently only has warnings on baby powder for inhalation risks and the importance of keeping it away from children. But there is no warning about the dangers of using it for female hygiene.

Some of the women who have filed successful lawsuits, have claimed J&J should put warning labels on their talc based products. It’s Johnson and Johnson’s responsibility to warn their consumers.

5. Make Johnson and Johnson pay for their negligence

Johnson and Johnson cannot be allowed to get away with what they’ve done. This is not a minor accident. Hundreds of women have been affected and they are suffering the consequences of J&J’s negligence. Some women have died from ovarian cancer caused by talcum powder. After Jackie Fox died from ovarian cancer, her family were able to win $72 million in damages from J&J but they lost a member of their family that cannot be replaced.

6. Show other companies they cannot risk the lives of their consumers

Filing a lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson, gives you a chance to send a message to all the businesses who show little consideration for the health of their customers.

There are many companies and corporations around the world who prioritize their own profits above their consumers. US women are currently filing lawsuits against Bayer for their decision to market Essure without warning customers of the potential dangers. It’s important that businesses are punished for their actions, especially when they are choosing their own financial outcome over the health and well-being of human beings.

7. You must file your claim before the deadline

Each US state has a statute of limitations. This means you have a restricted window for how long you’ve got to file your case against Johnson and Johnson. If you fail to do so before the statute of limitations has run out, you will lose the opportunity to claim compensation and you will never be able to submit your case against J&J for the injuries you’ve suffered.

Coxwell & Associates, Pllc, Are Here to Help You With Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit

To increase your chances of having a successful case, it’s important you find an experienced attorney who has a history of success.

Our personal injury attorneys are available to help you with your case. Thanks to over thirty years helping Mississippians and working on cases throughout the US, they have valuable knowledge and experience. They can confidently stand against Johnson and Johnson in court and ensure your voice is heard. Contact our team to find out more about what we can do for you.

Find Out if You’re Eligible to File a Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

It’s quick and easy to find out if you’re eligible to file a claim against J&J. Find out for free if your case meets the eligibility criteria.

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