How Can Poorly Loaded Cargo Cause a Truck Accident?

truck collision

Whenever you pass a large truck crash on the highway or hear about one on the news, do you think about what might have caused it? It’s reasonable to assume a driver was probably at fault; after all, in the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), researchers determined that driver error was at least partially responsible for nearly 90 percent of the wrecks included in the sample.

That means 10 percent of all truck collisions are caused by something else, though, which is a relatively large portion. The LTCCS revealed that the other leading causes of truck accidents were vehicle issues and environmental conditions. It’s obvious how faulty brakes and slick roads can cause devastating wrecks, but there’s another danger that’s just as likely to cause serious accidents: negligently loaded cargo.

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Let’s take a closer look at the ways poorly loaded cargo can cause a truck crash:

1. By Falling off the Trailer

Cargo that is not secured properly inside a trailer can shift with every turn until it’s pushing up against the back door. At that point, all it takes is a sudden stop for the freight to force open the door and spill out onto the highway.

Flatbed trailers also pose the risk of falling cargo if it is not tied down properly. And if a tanker truck springs a leak, it can leave slick roads in its wake, which are incredibly hazardous to unsuspecting motorists.

2. By Shifting in the Trailer

Trucks might weigh 20 times as much as passenger vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they’re any sturdier than cars. In fact, because of their height, tractor-trailers are more vulnerable to tipping over onto their side. A single sharp maneuver can redistribute the cargo so much that the truck is no longer balanced and ends up toppling over while rounding the next turn.

3. By Extending Too Far from the Trailer

Cargo that is fastened securely to a flatbed can still cause serious accidents if it extends too far back or over the sides. In such scenarios, passing vehicles are likely to strike the oversize freight, causing a devastating wreck.

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