Construction Site Car Accidents

Whether you were carefully navigating a work zone or driving through a construction site, a car accident at a work site can leave you in the hospital, confused about your options and wondering what to do next. The good news is that you can call a personal injury lawyer to help you during this difficult time. You could be dealing with contractors, sub-contractors and even government agencies. It can be tough to figure out what your next steps are, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can help guide you as you begin to put your life back together.

Work Zone Accident

Were you injured in a car accident that occurred in a work zone? Was another motorist involved? Was the roadway poorly designed or was it a case of inadequate signage? Construction zones and work areas, whether they are being privately or publicly managed, have to be safe for all roadway users. Contactors have to have traffic control plans to ensure the roadway is safely navigable for drivers. All alternate routes need to be clearly and safely designed and communicated. Depending upon the circumstances of your individual case, there could be multiple parties involved in the lawsuit. To top it all off, you could be dealing with less than friendly insurance companies too.

Poorly Designed or Improperly Laid Out Construction Zone

Just because an area is undergoing construction, that doesn’t give government agencies, contractors, engineering firms or sub-contractors the right to skimp on safety. Contactors at construction sites and in work zones have a duty to make sure all roadways are safely navigable. By law, these areas have to be safe. If you were injured because a work zone was improperly designed or the contractor didn’t use the appropriate signage, you could have a case. If you think your car accident was due to an unsafe work zone or construction site, you need to bring that concern up with your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It may take additional investigative efforts to determine what went wrong at the construction site, so the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better.

Possible Injuries Associated With a Construction Site Car Accident
  • Fractured bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Back injuries
  • Strains, sprains and tears
  • Neck injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Psychological injuries
Liability Involved with a Construction Site Accident

Depending upon the unique circumstances of your individual case, there could be multiple liable or partially liable parties involved. Was the accident exclusively the fault of another motorist or did the actual construction site or work zone play a part in the crash? Government agencies, contractors, engineers and sub contractors could all be potentially held liable if your case involved some type of problem at the construction site. Perhaps, you were working at the time of the accident, and your employer is in some way to blame. Car accidents at construction sites can involve multiple parties and agencies, so it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve been injured in this type of crash.

On-The-Job Construction Site Car Accident

Were you working at a construction site at the time of the car accident? Were you a roadway worker struck by a car? Was the construction site you were working at unsafe? There are a variety of different situations where workers can become injured in work zones or on construction sites. The most important thing is making sure you’re compensated for your injuries and on the road to recovery. These cases can quickly become complicated, especially if multiple contractors or government agencies are involved.

Holding Contractors, Sub Contractors and Government Agencies Accountable

Ultimately, many construction site and work zone accidents boil down to one important component; holding contractors, sub contractors, engineers and government agencies accountable. If you were injured due to unsafe working conditions, dangerous construction sites or poorly designed work zones, you need justice. Responsible parties need to be held accountable for their actions, so you can recover from your injuries and so other people don’t get hurt the same way you did.

When to Call a Jackson Car Accident Lawyer

It’s important to speak with a personal injury lawyer after an accident at a construction site. Even if you’re not sure what happened or if the construction site or work zone had anything to do with your car accident, an attorney can help get to the facts and get to the bottom of who is responsible for your injuries.

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