Promoting Prostitution

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution, also known as pimping and pandering, are crimes associated with prostitution that involve third parties to the initial crime of prostitution. Pimping is a type of prostitution promoting which involves the managing of prostitutes. This can involve promoting them for work and also taking money they earned from sex acts. This is a criminal act. It doesn’t matter if you’re directly involved or a participant in the sex act or if you operate in a more hands-off capacity, if you take money from a prostitute (knowingly) earned off of a sexual act, you can be charged with promoting prostitution. Additionally, you can also be charged if you engaging in pandering or facilitating the prostitution taking place.

Pimping as a Form of Promoting Prostitution

Pimping, or the management of a prostitution business, is a form of promoting prostitution. Whether you accept compensation as monetary currency or something else of value, if you’re making a profit off of the earnings of a sex worker, you could be facing charges related to promoting prostitution. If you encourage a person to take part in either side of a sex-for-money transaction, that can be considered promoting prostitution. Additionally, procuring somebody for a prostitution business also counts as pimping and promoting prostitution. Being the benefit of any money knowingly made off of prostitution can label you a pimp and get you slapped with promoting prostitution charges. It doesn’t matter if you have anything to do with the actual sex acts or not. These crimes involve third parties.

Pandering and Facilitating Prostitution

Pandering happens when somebody knowingly and willingly facilitates and promotes prostitution. This third-party crime typically involves people who setup locations or transport people for the purpose of engaging in sex-for-money transactions. This can occur in the form of driving somebody to a known house of prostitution. It can also involve allowing your own house, property or vehicle to be used as a place that prostitution can take place. Even if you’re not even there, you can be charged with promoting prostitution. It’s important to remember that in most cases involving these promoting prostitution charges associated with facilitation and pimping that the third-party has to know that prostitution is occurring to be convicted.

You Have to Know that Prostitution is Happening

You can’t and shouldn’t be convicted of promoting prostitution if you had no idea that prostitution was happening under your nose. In order to be convicted of pandering or pimping or other third-party promoting prostitution crimes, you have to have been aware that prostitution was going on. That’s not to say that you can ‘play dumb’ and say you didn’t know, because if a reasonable person would have known that prostitution was occurring, you should have too. If you legitimately had no idea about the prostitution going on, maybe in your own household or in a vehicle lent in good faith to a friend or family member, you need to let your lawyer know immediately, because it could mean the difference between jail and freedom in your case.

Examples of Promoting Prostitution

  • Driving somebody to a known house of prostitution
  • Procuring a person for prostitution
  • Paying, earning or accepting money from a person involved in prostitution
  • Encouraging a person to leave the state for prostitution purposes.
  • Encouraging a person to become a prostitution
  • Letting your house, vehicle or property be knowingly used for prostitution

When to Call a Jackson Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arrests involving prostitution or promoting prostitution can be embarrassing and shameful. After an arrest involving some type of sex crime or third-party charge associated with a sex crime, you need to seek immediate legal assistance. So many people are in a hurry to show law enforcement they are innocent by answering too many questions and waiving their right to remain silent. Declining to answer questions until your lawyer is present doesn’t make you look guilty. It makes you smart. A conviction of promoting prostitution can make getting a job, renting an apartment or even getting a loan very hard, even after you’ve paid your debt to society, so the best offence is a good defense. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest to have the best chance at a favorable outcome for you and your future.

If you or a loved one has been charged with promoting prostitution in the Jackson Metro Area or in any of the surrounding communities, contact the skilled and experienced criminal defense team at Coxwell & Associates, PLLC at (601) 265-7766 for an immediate case consultation.


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