Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is a type of birth injury that often occurs during difficult or stressful deliveries or when extraction tools have been used. Subconjunctival hemorrhage is essentially bleeding under the conjunctiva of the eye. IT is also known as a retinal bleed or hemorrhage. This injury happens when a large amount of pressure is put on the baby’s face, especially in the eye area. Due to the pressure, blood vessels may burst, leaving the baby with a red or bloody patch in the white of the eye. Sometimes, it will also present as a red ring around the baby’s iris. In most cases, these injuries can resolve well, but it’s essential for babies to be appropriately monitored after any type of subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Stressful Delivery

A long, stressful or traumatic delivery is often associated with subconjunctival hemorrhage. It’s possible for contractions to put a great amount of pressure on a baby’s head during delivery. These deliveries are often more likely to involve additional medical interventions by your doctors. It will be necessary to determine if medical negligence or malpractice caused your baby’s subconjunctival hemorrhage or other type of birth injury. It’s also important to note that subconjunctival hemorrhage could be associated with additional, more serious birth injuries, like facial paralysis or Erb’s Palsy.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage and Extraction Devices

Extraction devices, like forceps and vacuums, can greatly increase the risk for a baby sustaining a birth injury like subconjunctival hemorrhage. If these tools are misused or used too forcefully, it’s possible for a baby to sustain an injury during delivery. When pressure is put on the baby’s head, it’s not uncommon for birth injuries like subconjunctival hemorrhage to occur as a result. If your baby was delivered using an extraction device and subsequently sustained a subconjunctival hemorrhage, you need to bring this matter to the attention of an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible, especially if you suspect negligence or other birth injuries are involved.

Trauma During Birth

A traumatic birth, one lasting a very long time, can be more likely to involve additional stress and pressure on a baby. There might be additional medical interventions or a variety of reasons why subconjunctival hemorrhage might occur. If you had a particularly difficult or traumatic delivery and your baby suffered from a burst blood vessel in his or her eye, it will be necessary to determine what happened to cause it. It will also be important to ensure that your baby has the appropriate monitoring after birth.

Additional Monitoring

Thankfully, most cases of subconjunctival hemorrhage will heal in a matter of weeks. During this time, it will be important to monitor your baby’s eye to make sure it gets better. Bring your questions and concerns to your baby’s doctor and ensure there is adequate follow up. Sometimes, subconjunctival hemorrhage can be associated with more dangerous birth injuries, so it’s imperative to have adequate monitoring after any sign of birth injury.

Permanent Eye Damage and Related Issues

In some cases, subconjunctival hemorrhage can fail to resolve swiftly and be associated with permanent eye damage, facial paralysis or other serious birth injuries. This is why the need for monitoring is so important. This type of birth injury is associated with force and pressure on the baby’s head. Anytime there is a great amount of force, stress or pressure put on a baby’s head during delivery, you have the potential for additional and serious birth injuries. If the baby was forcefully extracted with forceps or a vacuum, there could be underlying injuries in addition to the immediately assessed subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Jackson Subconjunctival Hemorrhage Birth Injury Lawyer

Thankfully, most cases of subconjunctival hemorrhage heal quickly and completely. If your baby’s injury doesn’t heal, causes permanent damage or is associated with other more serious birth injuries, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer with proven birth injury case experience as soon as possible about your case. Initial medical bills can quickly add up, and in some cases, you may need to figure out long-term costs associated with medical care, rehabilitation, therapy, medical devices and care costs. Any kind of birth injury caused by preventable medical negligence needs to be fully investigated. Mothers and families are counting on their medical teams in the delivery room to provide safe and competent medical are.

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