Court allows Former Browns Player to Sue Team

bentley injury

One of my favorite pastimes/distractions in the fall is to watch the Cleveland Browns play football with my son, Gavin. It’s also a very painful endeavor since the Browns have struggled mightily over the last decade and are only one of a four teams who have never appeared in a Super Bowl.

Recently, the Browns received bad news off the field as opposed to the usual bad news they receive on it. An Ohio Appeals Court ruled that former player, LeCharles Bentley, could sue the team for staph injury he received at the team facility. Bentley, a huge free agent pickup for the Browns, never even played a down for the team. He suffered a career ending injury on the very first play of training camp during a non-contact drill. Such is the Browns’ luck.

I know that most Mississippians follow the formerly hapless New Orleans Saints so you can feel my pain. Hopefully someday the Browns will be able to celebrate holding the Lombardi Trophy like the Saints did. Alas, I don’t think it will be any time soon.

Chuck Mullins has been practicing law for nearly 17 years and has been a diehard Browns fans for most of his 42 years. To learn more about Chuck please visit his website.

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