Who Is to Blame in a Multiple Car Collision?

Multiple car collisions tend to happen on highways or other types of high-speed roads. When moving at fast speeds it’s not always easy to stop or avoid an obstacle and this can cause a multiple car collision. These are also known as chain-reaction crashes.

Multi-vehicle collisions can be fatal when many cars are involved. In some cases, drivers can be trapped in their cars until emergency services arrive. Unlike a car accident between two drivers, multiple car collisions can be more complex because, who is to blame?

There can be many causes of a chain-reaction incident, such as:

  • Low-visibility conditions: a sudden change in weather can radically alter visibility and make it difficult for drivers to see and react.
  • Slippery road surfaces: black ice and gasoline on the road can be difficult to see until it’s too late, these can cause cars to skid and when drivers lose control they can cause a crash.
  • Sudden stops: if an obstacle enters the road and the drivers are slow to react, this can cause a multiple collision.

There are many causes of multiple collisions. When there are many cars involved, it can be hard to determine which driver (or drivers) is at fault.

In chain-reaction accidents, there is usually more than one driver who is liable.

This is why it’s vital to get a personal injury lawyer who will defend your corner. These types of cases are carefully assessed to find out which drivers were at fault in the accident. As multiple car collision cases are complex (and can be lengthy), you don’t want to risk losing out on any compensation you deserve.

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