Long Term Psychological Impact of a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can have long term psychological effects.

Car accidents can happen out of nowhere and cause serious damage. Severe injuries, such as amputations, paralysis and permanent damage to the spinal cord, are injuries that can often cause psychological issues too.

Trauma can cause psychological and physical symptoms such as: feeling guilty, insomnia and anxiety. These symptoms can have a negative impact on your way of life. It can breakdown relationships and cause problems at work. Suffering a traumatic event can have a lasting impact that requires a long recovery time.

When starting a car accident compensation claim, you can claim for psychological trauma along with physical injuries. These are some of the psychological issues some victims have faced after suffering a car accident that wasn’t their fault.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is caused after experiencing a traumatic event. In some cases a person suffering from PTSD will experience flashbacks or nightmares of the event. It can also cause insomnia. Post Traumatic Stress can be caused by serious road accidents but the side effects of this condition may not appear immediately after the accident, in some cases it can be months or even years later.


Depression can appear after being injured in an accident. Feeling sad, lethargic and guilty are just some of the symptoms of depression which can significantly affect your daily life.


Being afraid of driving a car again or experiencing panic attacks can suggest you’ve developed an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is common for victims who’ve been involved in traumatic accidents and some people require medication and/or counselling to overcome it.

What to Do When You’ve Suffered Psychological Effects after a Car Accident?

After your accident, it is important to visit your doctor to be examined. In some cases, the psychological effects of a trauma may not surface until weeks or months after the car accident. If you think you’re suffering from a mental illness because of your accident then you should speak to your doctor.

If the psychological trauma has appeared as a result of your accident then you could claim compensation.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case. While you may not have any physical injuries, you cannot ignore the psychological trauma you’ve suffered because of an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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